5 best kid room designs

As your kid gets older, you may want to change up how their room looks every few years. Not only does it make the room seem more fun, but we can guarantee your kid will have a lot more fun inviting friends over to check out their wonderful “new” bedroom. Here are five best kid room designs that you will love

1. Toy Explosion

If your kid is like most, they probably love toys. Whether it is Barbie dolls, action figures, superheroes, racing cars or animals, a toy explosion on the shelves can add so much life to the room. Combine it will a couple of posters and a themed bed set, and the room is all set up!

2. Color Coordination is the foundation for the best kid room designs

When it comes to kid’s room designs, it is all about finding the right combination of colors. For instance, combining light blue, white, pink and purple is a great idea for a young girl’s room. Your daughter will love how colorful everything looks, and it should not cost too much to set up. For instance, you can go with light blue walls, a pink chair and rug, purple cabinets and a white bed set! Color coordination is just one of several ways to make a bedroom sizzle.

3. Gym Aesthetic

As kids get older, their tastes change. For example, if your son is now a teenager, and he loves sports and fitness, giving the room a gym aesthetic is a fun idea. Black and white tiled walls, a punching bag in the center and minimum furniture is all that you will need. A few posters of your son’s favorite athletes and the room is done!

4. Casual Art

Kid’s room designs do not have to become excessively complicated. All it takes is a combination of their favorite colors, a few band, movie or sports posters, a skateboard on the ceiling and a guitar in plain sight and you have the makings of a gorgeous yet casual bedroom.

5. Map of the World

If your kid is fascinated by seeing different places and countries, turning one of the room’s walls into a map of the world is the perfect idea. When it comes to kid’s bedroom designs, you can not only create a beautiful room, but further your child’s passions at the same time.

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