5 Outrageous Ideas for a Custom Home Remodel

If you have lived at the same place for the past ten years, and you have never done anything to upgrade or remodel your home, you may be long overdue for a custom home remodel. You have spent so much time saving money, and now you are in the perfect moment to go ahead with the remodel. But what if you are stuck for ideas? Here are five fun and outrageous ideas for a custom home remodel that will completely transform how you are living.

5 Outrageous Ideas for a Custom Home Remodel

1. Creating a Conversation Pit in the Living Room

Do you ever feel as though everyone is in their own world, even when the whole family is sitting down in the living room? Try creating a conversation pit to change things up. It is so easy to accomplish.
All you need to do is get the floor lowered in a certain part of the living room, and set up couches around the pit in a circle. You can leave a small space for stairs, and that is it. Now everyone who is sitting there is free of distractions, and facing each other!

2. Turn Your Attic or Basement into an Entertainment Paradise

Do you have an attic or basement that is barely being used? While those rooms are useful for storage, you can always throw out or give away your old junk and clear out the room. One way to completely transform your home is to turn that room into an entertainment paradise.

You can get a classy sound system, projector, screen and all the other amenities you would need for an entertainment center. Then you can set up the room with couches and other comfortable seating arrangements to step up the comfort factor!

3. Use the Space Beneath Your Stairs to Store Books

Those of us who have that little space underneath the stairs, you know how annoying it can get. But now you can make use of that space by storing your books, knick-knacks or other items in a unique and fun way. A remodeler can help you set up mini shelves along the back of your stairs, and you can have books arranged there permanently. It will save space in the living room, and ensure that space is being used effectively.

4. Get Rid of Your Bathtub

How many times have you taken a bath in the past year? If the answer is zero, then you are not alone. Most of us never have the time for a bath, so why have a bathtub? Get rid of it and get a classy shower space with a see-through window door installed instead. It will free up space in your bathroom, and allow you to take a shower in an enclosed but well-lit space.

5. Revolutionize Your Back Yard

If you are bored by your back yard, it may be time for a complete upgrade. You can get a deck installed in the space, while also getting the necessary equipment set up for grilling and outdoor parties. You can transform the space into an area where you can relax on a weekday night. In addition, you can have friends over on the weekend.

Ideas for a custom home remodel aren’t limited to these examples. Think outside the box to see how outrageous (in a good way) you can be in your home makeover.

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