5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Sizzle!

When it comes to home planning, our bedrooms are the part of the house that we often care about the most. But so many homeowners get into a state where they become very unadventurous with their bedroom designs. Instead of going for something sexy and exciting, they opt for a plain setup that looks clean but very dull. To avoid those mistakes, here are 5 ways to make your bedroom sizzle!

5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Sizzle

1. Avoid Too Many Pillows

We have all seen those bedrooms where a homeowner will try to overcompensate for a boring design with a bed that is filled with pillows. Not only is such a setup very impractical, but it does not look good.

2. Practical and Exciting Curtains

When choosing curtains, find the right balance between practicality and excitement. Choose a color and pattern that makes you feel happy and excited, but ensure the curtains are blackout so you can close them and sleep in on those weekends when you are exhausted from a long week at work!

3. Get a Gorgeous Mattress

You will spend at least six to eight hours a night in your bed, if not more. When you are budgeting for home planning, put in money for a high-end mattress. Do not skimp on this part of your bedroom, as it will compromise your comfort for many years!

4. Choose the Right Colors

Instead of going with wall colors that you think would look good, choose the ones that you love. It is YOUR bedroom, and we want it to look like a gorgeous and stunning room that you would love to stay in!

5. Limit Patterns

When you have chosen the wall color and curtains that you want, you will already have so much excitement in that room. You will not need to overcompensate by adding bedding that is filled with patterns. Keep your bedding simple and elegant – it will not only match better with your other furniture, but it also looks better in the long-run.

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