Health Improving Home

In today’s modern world, slick building procedures or cheap workarounds are often used during the construction of a house. Health is often an afterthought and builders and contractors are much more concerned with the bottom line and making a tidy profit. A new trend is emerging however that involves creating a designer home that can improve and complement your personal health. If you take your personal health seriously and are considering moving into new premises, how can you work with your building designer and home builder to create a health improving home? There are several easy steps that you can take, and measures that you can implement that can make a huge difference.

Non-toxic eco-paint

Paint is a simple cosmetic element of a house that can easily be changed but can make a great difference. Eco-paint offers a healthy alternative to standard paints that can often have higher levels of toxicity. Consider sourcing non-toxic paint to use in the different rooms of your house.

Use organic mattresses and bed sheets

Another cosmetic change that can improve the health impact of a home is your mattresses and bed sheets. These items can often serve as breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs. Consider purchasing organic mattresses, bedding, and pillow cases that specifically repel these conditions and create a sleeping environment that is clean and germ-free.

Remove any PCV shower curtains

Other than your toilet, there is no other item in your bathroom that can contain as many germs and bacteria. When designing your bathroom, ensure you implement a glass or clear plastic shower enclosure and avoid using PCV at all costs. This material can attract mold and germs and this is enhanced via the regular presence of water and moisture.

Consider using Cedar Wood for fixtures and furniture

Cedar Wood is a natural material that can help repel bugs and bacteria. Consider designing your house to include this type of wood. Staircases, fitted wardrobes, beams and building framework could all benefit from this type of healthy wood.

a health improving home is well ventilated

Poor ventilation in old houses is often a prime cause of health complaints, particularly breathing-related conditions. When discussing and designing your home, ensure that your architect provides an adequate ventilation system. Large windows, air vents, and open plan rooms can help to improve the air circulation in your home.

Adaptive lighting to emulate daytime conditions

A surprising element that can actually contribute to a health improving home is lighting. Artificial lighting can affect the levels in your body and conversely affect your mood and energy levels. Consider implementing adaptive lighting that can be changed to suit the outside climate. For example, the lights in your bedroom could adapt and change their intensity to replicate a summer’s morning – This will improve serotonin levels in your body and help you feel refreshed.

These different aspects might seem like relatively small and unimportant changes, however, when combined, they can make a real difference. Simple but decisive alterations to the design of your home can bring about fantastic changes to your personal health. By working together with your architect, you can create a home that you can feel comfortable to live in, and that will benefit your health for years to come.

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