Bad Home Additions Can Adversely Affect Your Property Value

Most of you have purchased a new home at some point in your life. As always, your goal is to buy as much house as you can afford to live in. Over time you start to notice that the once large home you purchased two kids ago, has become smaller with each passing day, month, and year. You want to stay in your current home so you begin to think about increasing your livable area with outdoor living space or a home addition. This is a great way to add more room to your existing home and increase the value at the same time. On the other side of this equation, you can also harm the value of your house with bad home additions that are done in haphazard ways.

How to Steer clear of bad home additions

To avoid bad home additions, it must be a well planned and faithfully executed to ensure a return on investment in the event you ever decide to sell your home. Even if you plan to stay put for the rest of your lives, you still should think resell when building that new room addition. This mindset will help you maintain a level of reasonable solutions that work well for you and for future resell purposes. Seeking the advice and services of a building designer would be a wise decision to help you throughout this delicate design process.

The importance in using a building designer

A building designer can take all of your must-haves and combined them with your needs to create a seamless transition from your existing home to the new addition. Many times a homeowner will have a vision of what they want in terms of space and that’s it. They either forget or totally ignore aesthetics in the overall scheme of things. This oversight in curb appeal is an easy thing to notice too. In affect, the house becomes a horrible eye sore for all to see due to a not well thought-out bad home addition. It also becomes less valuable to potential home buyers despite the homeowners misguided attempt to add value while improving their living space. Couple this with a poorly design floor plan and it becomes a devastating flaw that can sink your home’s value even further.

Don’t rush into a package deal with contractors

Hiring a contractor who offer their residential design services as a part of the overall home addition package may sound tempting. You should keep in mind that all packaged deals aren’t necessarily good choices. The contractor may be a skillful pro at building; however, that does not translate to him being a good designer. Unless your builder is also a home designer by trade, I recommend you keep the two separate. Find a building designer who will design according to your needs and let the contractor handle the construction. If the contractor has a working relationship with his own independent designer, that is also acceptable.

Adding a new section to your home can either make or break the value of your property. In order to make the most of this investment you must keep a few thing in mind. First, you should evaluate your need for the addition. Second, you should seriously consider using a building designer to help in the planning process. Finally, you should not bundle design and construction services unless the contractor is a designer himself or operate as a design/build company with a building designer on staff. Following these simple tips will eliminate any bad home additions and put you on path to a successful remodeling or renovation of your house.

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