Home Improvements That Decrease Value On Your Property

We all want to make improvements to our home. A lot of home improvements are necessary to keep the house in good condition. Usually a home improvement will make the house worth more. However, there are some home improvements that decrease value of the property.

Decorative Home Improvements

The first kind of home improvement that decreases value are personalized decorative home improvements. You might think that wild wall paper or that pink and polka dot painted room look amazing. However, others may not agree with your wallpaper choice. If you are staying put in your home, that’s fine. However, putting your home on the market with personalized wall paper or exotic painting is a sure way to turn off potential buyers. They would not see moving into a new home as the best time for home improvement projects when all they want to do is unpack and enjoy their new space.

Converting Your Garage

More home improvements that decrease value are ones that involve converting the garage to something other than a garage. Converting it into an apartment or a spare room can be a great way to make extra money renting out space or a way to give an older child more privacy; however, it will not help the value of your home. People like to park their cars in the garage (and by that, I mean they like to pile junk in their garages until the car no longer fits). For that reason, to keep your house’s value up, do not alter the garage.

Not Remodeling All Bathrooms

Believe it or not, sometimes remodeling the bathroom can be one of the home improvements that decreases value. If you have one bathroom and remodel it or if you remodel all of the bathrooms that can increase the value of the house. However, if you remodel one bathroom and leave the other one run down or not updated, it will decrease the overall value of your home. The reason remodeling only one bathroom decreases the value is because the remodeled space makes the untouched bathroom look more run down in comparison.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub

Some home improvements that decrease value are ones that seem like they should increase value. For instance, installing a Jacuzzi seems like it should increase the value of a home. However, not everyone likes a Jacuzzi. Furthermore, a lot of people do not want to deal with the extra work that comes with maintaining a Jacuzzi.

Exterior Veneer Not Common To Region

Finally, another thing to take in consideration if you want to do home improvements that are not home improvements that decrease value, is the local tastes in home improvements. For instance, if you update your house with stucco siding in Arizona that would likely increase the value. However, if you update the siding of the house with stucco in the Northwest United States, it will decrease the value of the house because few houses in the Northwest use stucco veneer.

There are many home improvements that decrease value to your property. If you are trying to increase the value of your property with home improvements, you should do research before making the improvements. Nevertheless, just because a home improvement is one of those home improvements that decrease value, does not mean it should not be done. If you are not planning to sell your house for many years, feel free to convert the garage or paint zebra stripes all over the walls. It is your house and your happiness.

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