New Room Additions: A Room for the In-Laws

It is always complicated when you have someone moving into the house – and it is even more complicated when those people are your in-laws. For those families that are in a situation where in-laws are moving into the house, it may be time for a new room addition. A new room addition for in-laws will allow you to set them up in a comfortable environment, while ensuring no one must give up their space in the house.


Room Location is important when adding a new room addition for in-laws

The most important decision is identifying where you will situation a room for the in-laws in your home. We recommend a different floor to your master bedroom, if you have a two-story house. For one-story homes, the opposite side of the house to the master bedroom is a good choice. This ensures that your in-laws are not right next door. This is good because being next door will feel as though you are giving up a lot of privacy.

Design Choices

After a room for the in-laws is built, you must decide on the best decoration options. We recommend going with something simple, such as contrasting elements, which can give the room a vintage feel. For instance, you could go with an elegant 1850’s style room where the walls and floor are a lighter color, while the bed frame, accessories, paintings and other furniture are a darker color. Contrasting the two colors will make everything pop.

Another great option is to go with white for the walls, a wooden floor and colorful accessories. This will brighten up the room. For instance, you can go with a blue bed frame and different colors on the bed sheets. Add paintings of various bright colors to add character to the room.

While you may want a say in how the room is decorated, we do recommend asking your in-laws for input. Not only will it make them love the room, it will also make them feel included in your family. That is a much better than making them feel like temporary guests!

Before embarking on a new addition for you in-laws, ask questions of your designer about the room addition and the best approach to your situation.

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