Opening Up Your Stairs

A staircase can form a central point in your home that draws people’s attention. This is especially true with a staircase that is in a hallway or reception room. Staircases can be customized and modified in a number of different ways – doing so can completely change the look of the stairs or the room they are contained within. This type of DIY project is usually simple to undertake. In addition, it’s also inexpensive and can provide you a way to exercise your creative talents. Opening up your stairs is a fantastic way to reduce the visual space occupy and to let in more light. These four methods are straightforward ways you can open your stairs.

Removing the enclosing stringer

In previous decades, stringers were highly fashionable and most houses from a certain time period would have enclosed staircases. A stringer is a board that covers some or all the sides of the stairs. While stringers can look perfectly fine, they can also block a great deal of sunlight. This can make a staircase feel oppressive.
Removing a stringer can be done with ease, but still, requires care and forethought. Consideration should be given to how the remaining railings or hand rail should then be connected to the steps. Furthermore, the Newel post may have to be re-positioned as any railings will now have to sit directly on the stairs instead of on the stringer.

Opening Up Your Stairs by removing the balusters or railings

Balusters and railings can look simply sublime, but some designs can also look outdated. It is possible to remove the balusters and have a full open staircase. The balusters or railings are usually easy to disconnect from the hand rail and steps but consider any holes that may require filling in. Also, consider your safety – It is advised to leave at least one handrail intact to avoid any unfortunate accidents. Furthermore, it is also advised to check how secure the hand rail is once the balusters are removed. Be sure additional support isn’t required in the middle of the staircase to support the handrail.

Converting a stringer to railings

Instead of removing the stringer and leaving the staircase open, you could instead remove the stringer and replace it with railings or balusters. This process can provide extra lighting to your stairs. Using different railings can match the aesthetics of the room the stairs are situated in. Before removing the stringer, ensure you have measured the various lengths and dimensions so that you purchase the correct size railings.

Converting the stairs to open tread

Most stairs will have a closed tread i.e. there is no gap between each step and the staircase forms a continual escalator. To create more space and to improve the lighting of your stairs, consider removing the panels beneath the tread of each stair. This will provide a contemporary and modern look and will make a great different to the appearance of your staircase. Before undertaking this procedure, it is important to look at how the panels are connected to both the tread and the stringers at each side of the stairs.

These simple ideas should hopefully have your creative juices flowing. Try opening up your stairs today and see how you can make a difference to your home!

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