Planning A Remodel Checklist

So, you’ve been in your home for some time now. It feels as if you’ve outgrown it, but you wish to expand the space and/ or update it. Living in a home for many years often requires remodeling or even an addition. Planning a remodel checklist is essential to making that home remodeling project a winning success! In order to be successful in your home remodel planning, there are a few things that need to be on your home remodeling checklist. A list of questions that need to be answered before you take on your remodel project are listed below.

Things to consider when planning a remodel checklist

1. Financing

How do you plan to pay for this project? The first thing you need to do is seek all available options for financing your home remodel project. Will you be self financing, or will you need to take out a loan?

2. Should I use a home design company to draw my home remodel plans

Do not take for granted the professional services of a good design company. Choosing the right home design company is critical and well worth the investment in the long run. These knowledgeable professionals are more inclined to make sure the remodel is done right and within budget.

3. Is it a exterior home remodel?

Remodeling your home’s exterior include things such as redesigning a front elevation and home additions. These types of remodeling jobs should be handled by a design professional. Refacing the front of an existing home can be a simple task if done with non-structural changes. However, elevation designs more often lead to structural changes with the exterior walls and the roof system.

A home addition is altogether different in that it is completely structural by nature. Not all home additions are created the same. The ideal of adding on to your home is to create more room. However, you also want to make it appear as if it was apart of the original design. Using a home designer to merge the old and new will help to steer you clear of making bad home additions that can adversely affect your property value.

4. Is it a interior home remodel?

Remodeling your home’s interior include things like the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. These spaces are typical trending rooms to remodel. When you think of interior remodels, you still should not rule out a home design company. While the changes can be cosmetic, that may not be true in other cases. You may require a complete rearrangement of the appliances and cabinet layout. Interior walls may need to be knocked down or opened up to make this happen. How does this affect the layout of the floor plan and traffic flow? There is also the structural integrity that has to be evaluated too. The same can hold true for a bathroom remodel as well.

5. What are the design fees associated with home remodeling plans?

Design fees vary per building designer. A small project could be as little as a few hundred to a couple of thousand; whereas, a significantly larger home remodeling project can cost several thousands or more depending on the size and scope of the project. Additional fees may apply with rush jobs, so give yourself plenty of advance time for home plan services when planning a remodel checklist.

6. Will I need a building permit?

In the case of structural changes, like home additions or modifications to existing living space, a building permit is always required. Any changes that affect the roof requires one also. Furthermore, if the remodeling project encroaches the electrical, plumbing, or mechanical systems, the job will definitely require permitting. Residential building permits generally are not required for cosmetic remodels such as flooring, counter-tops, and interior/ exterior painting just to name a few.

Strangely enough, building codes are not static and are forever changing each year. The rules generally become tighter and more comprehensive. Therefore, check with your local building department prior to beginning your remodel project. It will serve your best interest in the long run.

7. Will I be able to live at my home during the remodel project?

Living through a home remodel can be a most unpleasant experience depending on the project. There is the early morning construction which often extends into the late evenings. Dust, debris, and clutter will become the norm, at least during the remodeling period. Is this something you want to face day after day for several weeks or months?

Evaluate your current situation and contrast that to your proposed project. Are you doing a kitchen remodel? With weeks of construction work, how will you handle daily family meals? This is not to say it can’t be done, but these are the things that must be taken into consideration. After all, dining out will soon become old and expensive in the short term. A bathroom remodel will be less of a hassle if your home has at least two full bath rooms. Nonetheless, you still have to deal with the weeks of noise and clutter.

Taking on a home addition requires even more patience as it could take months. Staying with friends or a family member may be an option you choose to exercise. If your finances allow, you can rent an apartment or an extended stay hotel. These options could better serve your needs if your have a sizeable family of your own.

8. What should I have to concern myself with after the remodeling is done?

Remodeling jobs can create tons of dust and debris. The one place many homeowners neglect when planning a remodel checklist, is to add cleaning the duct work. Your HVAC system will be running during the project whether it be winter, spring, summer, or fall. Contractors do their best to control the flow of dust particles, but they can not stop it all. Once the project is completed, have your dirty air conditioning ducts professionally clean to removed the excess dirt from construction in addition to the typical dust build-up. Your health and finances will thank you later.

Planning a remodel checklist isn’t hard. It just takes a little forethought. Using the eight tips above will get you going in the right direction to organize your home remodel project. So make that homeowners checklist and check it twice, remodel your home and get it done right!

Options beyond a home remodel

If a home remodel isn’t the best solution for you, then it may be time to build a new home. In that case, you should look into buying land to build a house for that perfect home plan design you have in mind. Putting together a home planning checklist is in order as well.