House Plan Collections

Our house plan collections consist of plans grouped together by distinct features or attributes shared by each home in the collection. Each collection has a variety of house plan styles to choose from. Browse our collection of home plans below or search our house plans by the square footage.

DE064-Reuben house plan rendering

One Story House Plans

One Story Home Plans are very popular because they work well in almost any design situation. They are also economical to build and maintain. One level house plans can be designed in nearly any style and be as small or as large as you need.

Wesley house plan rendering

One and a Half Story House Plans

1-1/2 story house plans are the perfect compromise to the one and two story house plan. The second floor is routinely tucked under the roof, giving you the appearance of a single story home. This design makes the most of the livable square footage while saving on construction costs when compared to two story homes.

Hampshire Hills house plan rendering

Two Story House Plans

Two story house plans provide the most living space in a smallest of footprints. In general, the living areas are on the main floor with the sleeping quarters located on the second floor. Variations include guest or master bedrooms on the main floor.

Shed roof contemporary house plan

Three Story House Plans

Three story house designs offer great flexibility with their separation of spaces. The main floor usually have a flex bedroom and garage. the second level usually consist of the living areas while the third floor include the bedrooms.

Greenwich house plan

Three Bedroom House Plans

3 bedroom house plans are certainly the most popular among homeowners. A home with three bedrooms provides versatility for young couples with growing families. It is also the perfect amount of rooms older couples looking to downsize.

Malveaux rendering

Four Bedroom House Plans

4 bedroom house plans give everyone their own private space while having additional room for overnight guests. The four-bedroom home designs in this group are available in a wide selection of architectural styles, sizes, and number of stories.

Hancock elevation rendering

Five Bedroom House Plans

5 bedroom house plans provide you with the luxury of adapting spaces as your family situation changes. The flexibility of homes with five or more bedrooms are almost boundless The additional space may be used for guest sleeping quarters, office space, gaming room, and more.

Andy House plan photo

House Plans with Photos

These house plans feature interior and or exterior pictures of the home. House plans with photos help you to visualize the home design in ways that renderings and digital images can not convey in the real world. Some of the photos may show the home modified from it’s original design.

Yorkshire 2 House Plan rendering

Luxury House Plans

Luxury house plans usually have a generous amount of livable square footage, but they can also be modest in size too. These type of home designs typically feature beautiful elevations and added attention to details giving the home more of a custom feel.

Pheasant house plan

Narrow Lot House Plans

Our narrow lot house plans are designed to be 40 feet wide or less. This type of home design is perfect for urban areas where lots tend to be narrow and deep. These homes can be a one story, 1-1/2 story, or two story design making it easy to maximize to use of small lots.

Shields town house rendering

Natchez Historic House Plans

Designs that were inspired by the antebellum homes of Natchez, Mississippi. These historic house plans replicate the facades of century old homes, but the floor plans were designed to reflect the the living conditions of today’s lifestyle.