House Plan Styles

Design Evolutions offers a variety of house plan styles to choose from.  Whether you’re looking for craftsman house plans, mountain home plans, or the understated traditional home design, you’ll be sure to find the home plan style that fits your taste within our house plan collections.

Oakley house plan rendering

Bungalow House Plans

Bungalow house plans are usually simple in design with a large front porch. They are compact and tend to be deep and not very wide. Bungalows are ideal for small narrow lots in urban settings. This type of home is usually a one or one-and-a-half story design and is generally budget-friendly.

Bellwood 2 House Plan

Cape Cod House Plans

Being modest in size, Cape Cod house plans gives you a cottage type feel. The designs are usually square in nature and symmetrical. Cape Cods can be a one story or a one and a half story house plan and that makes the style accommodating to a host of interior layouts.

Blanchard colonial house plan

Colonial House Plans

Colonial house plans are designed and built in a boxy shape. They are practical homes with an understated elegance and a timeless presence. This architectural style draws inspiration from the homes of the early colonial settlers.

Huntsville house plan rendering

Craftsman House Plans

Craftsman house plans are distinguished by their low-pitched roofs with wide eaves, exposed rafters and decorative brackets. You generally find them with a large front porch that has tapered columns with stone or brick supports and numerous windows. The interior usually feature dramatic beamed ceilings and minimal hall space.

Hargrove farmhouse plan front rendering

Farmhouse Plans

Farmhouse plans are either traditional or modern in style. Both variations typically feature one or two stories of living space. They can be big or small in design with large windows, lap or vertical siding, metal or shingle roofing, and open floor plans. Other features include a large front or wraparound porch and gable brackets.

LoJack House Plan Rendering

French House Plans

French house plans consist of rustic and refined decor inspired by the homes of the French countryside. The sizes of these homes can vary from a small cottage to an elegant chateau. They typically have moderate to steep roofs and the exterior finishes include the use of brick, stone, and stucco.

Lexington house plan rendering

Gothic Revival House Plans

Gothic Revival house plans are immediately recognized by steeply pitched cross-gabled roofs. Windows and doors will often feature pointed arches and diamond paned glazing. The floor plans are usually asymmetrically designed with one-story porches or covered entries.

Twin Oaks house plan rendering

Greek Revival House Plans

Greek Revival house plans are elegant and bold, yet simple. These homes are generally symmetrical in design with a center porch supported by grandiose columns. Features include a low-pitched gable or hipped roof, tall windows to allow for plenty of light, and classic detailing. Greek revival home plans are magnificent even in one-story cottage style interpretations.

Breedon rendering

Italianate House Plans

Italianate house plans can be classy and symmetrical or asymmetrical and rustic. Two or three story designs are typical, but it can also be a one story design. Typical features include low-pitched hipped roofs, wide eaves with decorative brackets, tall & narrow pared or multiple windows with elaborate trim, square cupolas or towers, and porches or balconies with balustrades.

McAlester front rendering

Mediterranean House Plans

Mediterranean house plans have the look and feel of an upscale home. The designs are mostly asymmetrical and are either one or two story. In addition, these homes are can be small to mid-sized, but are commonly large in scale. Usual features include a low-pitched roof, stucco finish, archways, and exposed wood beams.

Modern Contemporary house plan

Modern Contemporary House Plans

Modern Contemporary house plans display a noticeable absence of ornamental styling. The floor plans are open and informal which adds to the simplicity of the design style. It is usually a two or three story home with exterior finishes that can include stucco, vertical or lap wood siding, brick, and stone. Other features include shed roofs, large windows, and the use of industrial materials.

Sterland house plan photo

Modern Traditional House Plans

Modern Traditional house plans are not defined by a specific style. They are often a mix of various styles merged together. Features of this type of design are many and include elements of architecture from contemporary to European styling.

Walton house plan rendering

Mountain House Plans

Mountain house plans are designed to be in touch with nature. Homes in this style tend to have a rustic look, making it appear organic, as if it naturally grew within it’s surroundings. Exterior features include timber beams, lap or vertical siding, stone and brick finishes, and natural earth-tone colors.

Shannon house plan

Tudor House Plans

Tudor house plans are easy to recognize by their use of half-timber or decorative wood beam. Tudor homes generally feature diamond-pane windows, large brick or stone chimneys, clipped gable roofs, and arched entryways. Brick, stone, and stucco are common exterior finishes.