House Plans by Square Feet

Search our house plans by square feet. We offer a variety of house designs from as small as 1,500 sq ft to over 5,000 sq ft. House plans styles include bungalows, farmhouse plans, modern traditional, and more. We are confident that you will find the perfect home in our house plan collections.  

Hilliard house plan rendering

House Plans under 2,000 Sq Ft

House plans under 2000 square feet are the most economical homes to build. Homes within this size are the most ideal to use as a starter home for young couples just starting out or for the empty nester. Designs in this range will feature at least two bedrooms and at most a four bedroom house plan with two bathrooms.

Wesley house plan rendering

House Plans from 2,000-2,499 Sq Ft

House plans from 2000 to 2499 square feet offer greater flexibility compared to homes below 2000 sq ft. Homes in this range are also ideal for young couples with growing families as well as retires with an empty nest. Designs generally include three to four bedrooms with at least two full baths and a half bath.

Braylon house plans front elevation rendering

House Plans from 2,500-2,999 Sq Ft

House plans from 2500 to 2999 square feet fall within the sweet spot for most home owners. These homes are not too big and not too small. They provide enough space to accommodate growing families. Plans in this range size can be extravagant or simple as you like. These design feature a minimum or three bedrooms and two baths.

Mayfield farmhouse plan photo

House Plans from 3,000-3,499 Sq Ft

Our collection of house plans from 3,000 to 3,499 square feet feature between three and five bedrooms. Home designs in this group are spacious and ideal for mid-sized to large families.

Cashton house plan

House Plans from 3,500-3,999 Sq Ft

House plans between 3,500 and 3,999 square feet are more on the luxury side of home design. Homes in this collection have a generous amount of space for families to enjoy. Four or more bedrooms and a minimum of three bathrooms are common in this home size.

Ponderosa house plan rendering

House Plans from 4,000-4,499 Sq Ft

Our portfolio of house plans from 4,000 to 4,449 square feet have no less than four bedrooms and four bathrooms. These homes provide ample amounts of space, making even large family feel comfortable. Their size make them great for family living and entertaining.

Williamsburg 2 house photo

House Plans from 4,500-4,999 Sq Ft

House plans from 4,500 to 4,999 square feet are more upscale with grand entrances and free flowing open concept floor plans. These homes provide ample amounts of space to make even a largest family feel comfortable.

Yorkshire elevation rendering

House Plans over 5,000 Sq Ft

House plans over 5,000 square feet provide full scale luxury not seen in homes of smaller sizes. These house plans offer generous room sizes, extra amenities, and massive curb appeal.