House plans from 6000 Sq Ft & above

House plans from 6000 sq ft and above have an enormous amount of space for family, entertaining, and privacy. Homes this size are sometimes referred to as mansion house plans or estate home plans. In addition to the aforementioned descriptions, luxury home is another term used to describe house plans from 6000 sq ft and above. More often than not, these homes tend to be two story house plans due to their sheer size.

House plans over 6,000 sq ft

Stock house plans at this square footage or higher tend to be a bit more custom in design. They typically have a generous amount of bedrooms due to the available space. Four bedrooms are an absolute minimum in homes over 6,000 square feet; however, five, six, or even seven bedrooms is more of the normal arrangement. As with all of our home designs, we can arrange plans modifications on any of these plans to suit you needs. For luxury on a smaller scale, consider browsing our house plans from 5500-5999 sq ft to find suitable design.

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