Greek Revival Home Plans

Greek Revival homes are described as majestic by admirers of the style. They are typically designed with Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian columns. A centered front porch is also a defining feature of this style. Greek Revival Home Plans are ideally situated on large acreage properties because they are elegant and stately in appearance. However, they are also just as suitable for urban in-town settings.

Greek Revival style house plans

Our Greek Revival home plans follow the traditions of Greek architecture. They mimic the look of homes built centuries ago. Yet, these stock home plans are designed with functional floor plans. This collection has something to offer anyone not interested modern traditional house plans. Hence, homeowners can enjoy the rich traditions of Greek architecture.

The Twin Oaks is the smallest plan with a modest 2,354 square feet. The Dunleith is opposite of that at 8,333 square feet. Consequently, just about anyone can have a Greek Revival style home with our plan selections. Begin your search for the perfect plan. Then, buy one of our Greek Revival designs today and begin building your new home!

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