House Plans with Photos

Architectural renderings give a nice presentation to our portfolio of stock house plans. However, a real photo adds life to a conceptual home design. Knowing whether you want purchase a two story or one story house plan is easy. The hardest part of buying stock plans is not knowing how it will look after it is built. Homeowners are confident and more comfortable with purchasing house plans when they can see a pictorial representation. We collect and post pictures here so that we can provide you with our house plans with photos portfolio. You can also checkout our House Plans Photo Gallery which include custom homes and townhouse designs

House Plan Photos

This collection of designs includes all of our house plans with pictures. We upload all photos that we are able to take, while others are provided by our satisfied customers. Some plans have exterior pics only, yet others will have both interior and exterior photos. Some pictures may vary from the actual design. The variations are small, so you can be sure that you will see an accurate presentation of the home design.

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