Narrow Lot House Plans

Small lots can be a challenge to build a home on; however, narrow lot house plans are usually a perfect solution. These plans are designed to utilize space efficiently on a small footprint. Narrow plans often have a dominating front load garage or a rear load garage. In other cases, theses home may include a detached garage or no garage at all. Home plans for narrow lots are great for builders and developers to use in maximizing the limits of skinny properties.

Home Plans for Narrow Lots

The narrow lot house plans featured in our collection varies in size and architecture style. We feature both one story and two story house plans to choose from. They are ideal for using as an infill home in mature neighborhoods, so pick one of our plans to begin your project. We offer narrow lot house plans without garages in addition to narrow plans with a garage in the back and front. Each of our plans can be altered to fit you unique needs. Whether it be floor plan alterations or an elevation redesign, we can help.

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