Natchez Historic Home Plans

Our Natchez Historic Home Plans are timeless designs inspired by the antebellum homes of Natchez, Mississippi. Designs shown here are among the most popular of the landmark homes in the city. These replica stock house plans are available exclusively at Design Evolutions Inc., GA.

Historical house plans

What is the beauty of purchasing one of our Natchez Historic Home Plans? One is that our historical designs are focused on homes exclusive to Natchez, Mississippi. There are hundreds of antebellum homes in the small town for us to replicate on a smaller scale. That gives us many home to choose from. Another reason is the variety of architectural styles. Consequently you will see many other styles in addition to Greek Revival architecture.

Homeowners choose our Natchez Historic Home Plans because they admire the homes character. In addition, the design affords the home the opportunity to pay tribute to the period home plan design of the past. Also, it gives the owners all the comforts of modern living with old world charm. Homeowners can buy our historic one-and-a-half story house plans to re-create beautiful new homes. Moreover, they can avoid the high cost of renovating a historic property. Make one of our historic designs your next new home!

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