Cottage Home Plans

Cottage home plans are very similar to the first word – cottage. These are informal house plans that will have a woodsy cottage-like charm unlike home plans of a classical nature. The great thing about cottage home plans is there are so many things that a property owner can change while they are getting their dream home built. There is no set guidelines for how one of these homes should look. Some homes are small and a single story, and look very much like a cottage. Other homes will have the characteristics, but they are multiple stories and much larger.

Characteristics of Cottage Home Plans

Braylon House Plan - Mountain Cottage home design
Braylon house plan – Click image for plan details

Some of the common characteristics that you would see in a cottage house plan are the shingles, stucco walls, board and battens that are vertical, small porches, bay windows, and a triangular shape for the roofs of the different parts of the house.

Where did these homes get their popularity from? The pattern started becoming very common when books about “Cottage Residences” were released by people like Andrew Jackson Downing. This dates back to the 1840s, and it is clear to see that these homes take their inspiration from the old-type homes of those years.

The central belief of a cottage home plan is that individuality is a big part of how the structure will look. There are so many house plans where everything looks the same. In fact, you can tell each house is the same style the moment you see it. But with cottage house plans, the designer and builder have a lot more freedom. In addition, the property owner can make sure the final design is precisely the way they want.

It is common to see these plans resulting in homes that are anywhere from two to five bedrooms. Most of the time it will be a 1-1/2 story home design or a two-story house plan. Those who love the cottage-charm, but want some individuality, will love the cottage house plans.

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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