European House Plans

Ever looked at a home and thought that it had obvious European influences. Yet, it was hard to pinpoint where the influence came from? These homes are what we would call European house plans. The homes get their inspiration from the types of houses that are seen in different European countries, but they do not take after a single country’s style either. They combine elements of what you would see in Spain, France or parts of the Mediterranean.

Characteristics of European House Plans

European house plans
Design Evolutions Inc., GA – The Edney II

One common characteristic of a European house plan is that construction is done using brick or stone. Wood is hardly ever used with such house plans, because it does not fit with the overall aesthetic. When stone is used, the home becomes instantly recognizable from a distance. Furthermore, it helps the house to stand out among the neighborhood as the most elegant. Moreover, it’s probably the most expensive in the area.

Some other characteristics that are part of these homes are high steeply pitched roofs, very tall windows that feature shutters. Pediments, keystones, arched openings, and other ornamental details are also characteristic of European house plans.

When property owners talk to designers about the type of home they want, European house plans are not often the one that first comes up. Why? Because European style homes can be a little bit more expensive to build. Tudor style homes are a good example of the more pricey European homes. However, property owners who have a high budget and want their home to look incredible would love the European house plan. The stone and brick look is so unique, and it prevents the house from looking like every other suburban structure.

Another reason these house plans are so great is because of the customizability. There are common characteristics, but designers can also do different things. It all depends on the area where the home is being built, the land owner’s preferences, and the budget. That ensures each European house plan is special.

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