French Country House Plans: A Taste of the French Countryside

When it comes to choosing the stock house plans that will serve your interests best, only one captures the beauty and ambience of the French countryside itself. French country house plans embody a rustic feel that will whisk you away to another time, while still providing all the modern amenities you can’t live without.

A timeless look captured as you traverse your home in awe.

Characteristics of French Country House Plans

French country house plans are extremely versatile while allowing homeowners to keep with its core design aspects, which are crucial to its overall look and feel. They share a lot of design elements with mountain style house plans and are often conflated with one another.

Below are a few elements that make the architectural style of a french country house plan.

The facade

Elegant facades adorn your first inspection of this one-of-a-kind house plan. Even with a simplified overture, the front-facing principle exterior will shine. It will give all onlookers the taste of a truly French countryside villa.

The façade can also feature your choice of traditional stone or brick, or you can use materials such as stucco, or even a combination. In either case, its authentic beauty will easily shine through.

The roof

In regard to your home’s roof, you can choose the traditional hip, or you can go with a simple gable style or mansard. Your choice will give the home its overarching feel.

The Windows

The windows are the eyes of the home, looking out onto your neighborhood with vivid splendor. As your friends, family, and neighbors gaze back, they will be met with windows that tell a story.
To do this, you may want to choose traditional copper-top bays and shutters which define grace and agelessness.

Other features

As with any home, there are numerous additions you can make to set your home apart, such as beautifully flowing arches, corner quoins, or even stunning keystones that set a charming tone right from the first look.

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