Neoclassical House Plans

Stock house plans provide exceptional benefit and value for millions of homeowners all over the world.
Stock plans are not limited in their customizability, nor are they “cookie-cutter”. Stock home plan designs are true works of architectural art, breathing life into a dream. Generally speaking, they provide a faster route to starting construction and a clear path to completion. These plans are a cut-and-dried template for contractors to follow. When it comes to stock house plans, there are thousands of designs to start with. Among these are, cabin house plans, craftsman style homes, neoclassical house plans and many more.

Neoclassical house designs

Greek Revival house plan - The Dunleith
Design Evolutions Inc., GA – The Dunleith

Traditionally, neoclassical house designs are inspired by classical architecture found in ancient Rome or Greece.
Neoclassical house plans are very popular for many reason. In fact, they are homes full of rich character with a splash of mesmerizing elegance.

They are recognized by their ultra-modern, yet austere. However, their outward appearance is simple and restrained, yet full of energy.

These homes are also identified by there size and several key characteristics common among stock neoclassical home plans.

The most notable characteristics of Neoclassical house plans

1: Size

Neoclassical homes are usually very large. They can stand at 2 stories and sometimes 2 ½ stories. Their breadth is what makes these homes stand apart. While they do not have to be this large, their prominence gives them an elegant edge.

2: Porticos

Neoclassical home plans also feature one or more porticos, which are supported by several pillars. These porticos, or covered porches, have a striking appearance and create a unique, yet antique look. Moreover, these structures are very prominent, creating multiple dimensions among the façade. These features are simply stunning to look at.

3: Side-Gabled Roofs

The roof tops of these beloved homes are traditionally side gabled, and a triangular pediment over the front entrance signifies luxury. Hip roofs are just as common and impressive.

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