Prairie-Style Stock House Plans

As the purchase of stock house plans grows, a great number of families and real estate developers are looking at prairie-style stock house plans. While there are numerous styles to choose from, prairie-style homes are very unique. They are the perfect home design to take full advantage of flat lands and prairie landscapes to provide the most symmetrical look and feel.

The background of a Prairie-Style Home?

Prairie-style stock house plans have a very mellow appeal. This new architectural design brought to the forefront an emphasis on flat horizontal lines. Prairie style was introduced by an architect by the name of Frank Lloyd Wright at the beginning of the 20th century. This was a visual expression of the flat lands of the prairie so prominent in his home of the Midwest.

Wright’s goal was to define simplicity and integrity through comfort and utility. However, his main goal was to introduce a new design free of imitation or remnants of other designs. He wanted to show the architectural world something brand-new. Something never seen before.

What are the Characteristics of Prairie-Style Stock House Plans?

Prairie-style home plans are identified by their broad, low-pitched roofs, only slightly sloping, hipped or gabled. They have chimneys that while low, are very prominent in look and character. Prairie designs also implement terraces and balconies that extend beyond the base house in multiple directions. This enables the home to encompass the beautiful outdoor living spaces that make harmonious use of horizontal and vertical expressions.

This unique design is also complemented by windows in groups, and the entrance is typically secluded.
One of the most striking visuals of this stock house design, is that these homes appear to organically lend themselves to the landscape surrounding them. Mountain style home designs share this same characteristic. Their natural and simple, yet beautiful appearance beholds an open floor plan that continues the trend of horizontal and vertical lines.

Wright accomplished his goal. This architectural template has become one of the most sought after home designs on the market today.

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