Southern House Plans

When people look at those massive houses that are common-place in many southern states in the United States, it is the southern house plans that are being admired. These historic house plans result in homes that are built of either brick or wood, typical of Greek and Colonial house plans. It all depends on the budget and the area of the country where the house is being built. Brick is more durable, but does cost a lot more during construction.

Characteristics Found in Southern House Plans

Southern house plan- The Burn
The Burn House Plan – Click image for plan details

There are so many classical house plan features that will be apparent in these homes. Examples include columns, pediments, shutters, while porticoes and cornices are fairly common too. Some of these characteristics are a throwback to the homes that we would see in the South during and before the Civil War. It shows how much culture and heritage is important to homeowners in these areas. And it also shows that Southern house plans are able to maintain tradition while adding modern elements.

The climate in these parts is often very humid in the summers. That is why a Southern house plan is often going to feature very tall ceilings and massive front porches. The porch will catch the breeze, and there will be plenty of windows in the houses too. The large ceilings ensure that none of the rooms get too stuffy or unbearable during the summer nights.

Who would love such a home? Those who are planning on building a house in the south, and those who have a decent amount of land. While there are Southern house plans that are smaller, the larger ones are where the constructors and designers can let loose. These homes are usually three or four bedroom house plans, and they look incredible even from a distance. Homeowners who want a house that feels comfortable and inviting, but also projects a bit of grandeur and class are going to love what a Southern house plan can offer.

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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