Southwestern House Plans

When someone thinks of a Southwestern house plans, there are so many ideas that come to mind. Southern home designs are are often associated; however, the quintessential home that is of a southwestern design features a lot of influences from the Spanish colonizers and natives who first began constructing homes in that part of the United States.

Southwestern House Plans Features

Some of the major characteristics associated with a Southwestern home will include an outer structure that is made of a combination of wood, brick and stucco. Other features include decorative details around the house that are similar to a desert look. Southwestern homes are typically one or two stories. It is also common to see a Southwestern home that is asymmetrical. A lot of people look at these homes and think that may be an accident, but it is by design.

The idea behind these homes is to not only have a house that blends nicely with its environment, but to ensure the interior is designed to maximize the climate during various times of the year. For instance, rooms are arranged so that plenty of sunlight is gathered during the months when it is pleasant outside. Massive shades are common for times when it gets too hot, as they help keep the sun out.

Red or yellow tiled roofs are common with this house design. Most homeowners who have a Southwestern house do so when they have a decent amount of space to build. Since so much of this part of the United States is desert, property prices are not too high. It is possible to get a substantial plot and then build a very lovely Spanish home on it. Since the plots are often larger, it means that the need for two or three stories is not present. While some homes are two stories, especially if the homeowner wanted a larger lawn, most of them are a single story.

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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