Tudor Style House Plans

Tudor style house plans originate from a predictable source: late medieval English homes. The clue is in the name! When we think about Tudor house plans, we are talking about homes that were part of a revival of the Tudor architectural style in the United States. There are also some elements of Elizabethan and Jacobean English styles in some of these homes.

Features of Tudor Style House Plans

Tudor style house plans
Edney I house plan – Click image for plan details

It is not hard to spot one of these homes, because the Tudor elevation design is almost always masonry and stucco. There will always be a massive chimney and gabled roofs, along with arched entries, tall window groups, and at least two stories. Some of the other details that you can see in these European house plans is the decorative half-timber designs on the exterior, a steeply pitched roof, multi-pane windows, and triangular roofs. It is common to see two triangles, especially if the house has a garage next to it.

Who would love such homes?

Those who live in the suburbs in a good climate, and those who want a quaint yet very classy looking house. The beauty of Tudor style house plans is that it is easy to customize the plans to the desires of the homeowner. If families want a more spaced out structure that is just a single or double story, or they are hoping for a more tightly constructed house that may even go to three stories, either options are possible.

These homes can work just as nicely on smaller plots as they can for those buyers who have a larger plot of land. When the plot is smaller, the lawn may not be too substantial, but the house still looks very impressive. The design is a little bit more spaced out when the property is larger, and a nice front and back lawn is a possibility. In either instance, Tudor style house plans look very impressive.

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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