Italianate Home Designs – Origin and Characteristics

We first got a glimpse of the Italianate house plan style in the United States during the 1830s. Surprisingly, the trend managed to last until the end of the century. Moreover, many of these homes have remained popular for buyers and new home builders. Most Italianate home designs are between two to four stories. Home Designers or Architects design Italianate homes in a way that strongly resembles the traditional Italian villas you would see in areas such as Tuscany. The specific exterior structures may vary based on the owner’s tastes. However, it is very easy to tell an Italianate design apart from any other home style. It’s one of several neoclassical home style designs brought to America.

Features of Italianate Home Designs

Italianate home plan - The Breedon
Design Evolutions Inc., GA – The Breedon

One of the first things you are going to notice about the Italianate home style is the roof. The roof plan is always designed to be low-pitched. In addition, the roof is either hipped or flat. There will also be wide, overhanging eaves, which are given support by decorative brackets.

You may even see some square cupolas on top of the roof. However, cupolas are not always present in Italianate homes. Home designers arrange the windows in a very orderly way during the design process. In addition, they will almost always feature elaborate crowns and frames. Most Italianate homes plans will feature very tall windows. This feature allows a lot of light to get into the house throughout the year.

If you are looking to construct a suburban property, or even an urban town home, the Italian style is a great option. Since these homes can go from two to four stories, they are also a great option if you only have a limited plot of land, but you are building a home with a large family in mind. Instead of having a wider construction space, you can make do with a smaller area, as you would merely construct a four-story home with plenty of rooms!
The Italianate style is the perfect home design combining stately elegance with simplicity.

Read more about Italianate style architecture to see if this is the architectural style you desire in your next home.

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