Touring The Auburn Museum in Natchez, MS

I’d always notice the historic homes in Natchez Mississippi, but had never actually toured any of them. That’s amazing considering that more than twenty years of my life was spent there from birth. In January of 2013, that all changed when I visited the Auburn Museum Natchez antebellum home. However, I was there to partake in wedding photos for my sister’s wedding. Even though I was limited by time and obligations, I was able to do an impromptu self tour of the buildings exterior and parts of the first floor interior.

My interest drew the attention of Mr. Clark Feiser, President of the Auburn Antebellum Home. He suggested that I come back when time permitted. With more time, I would get a full tour along with the history of the home. So, I traveled back to my native in June of 2013 to do just that.

Auburn Museum Natchez antebellum home Tour

The Auburn was the first house in the Mississippi area to be built from actual plans drawn by an architect. The floor plan layout is simple, but that was the normal during that period. According to history, the home was designed by architect Levi Weeks. I should say self-proclaimed Architect, because there were no requirements to be an Architect at that time. In addition, Weeks also built the home which was completed in 1812. Lyman Harding, the first Attorney General of Mississippi, was the person who hired Weeks to design and build the Auburn.

The tour was educational and interesting and I shared in it with my three kids and my mother. The Auburn will surprise Black-Americans with its history in terms of the slaves and the Duncan family (no relation). Stephen Duncan purchased this home after Harding’s death in 1820. Under his ownership, the two wings of the house was added. Duncan abandoned the home, due to secession anxiety, and the home stayed in the family until his descendants sold it to the city of Natchez in 1911.

I had the opportunity to take photos, which also included the rare free-standing wooden spiral staircase. You can see my select pics below. However, these pictures only give you a glimpse of the homes architectural beauty. Moreover, there is nothing like being there and witnessing it for yourself.

If you are ever in Natchez, Mississippi, or plan to visit in the future, make time to visit the Auburn Museum Antebellum Home at 400 Duncan Avenue and tell Clark Feiser that I sent you!

For more information on the Auburn Museum Natchez antebellum home, visit their website at

Photos of the Auburn Museum Natchez Antebellum Home

The Auburn Antebellum Home, Natchez, MS
Front view of the Auburn Antebellum Home, Natchez, MS
View of the Auburn first floor parlor
View of the Auburn first floor parlor
Dining room of the Auburn home
Auburn dining hall
Auburn spiral stair-top view
Auburn spiral staircase view from the second floor
Spiral staircase in the foyer
Spiral staircase in the foyer


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