What is in a set of house plans?

At minimum, our house plans include the necessary drawings and details needed to build your home.  That being said, you would still want to know what is in a set of house plans.  A set of stock house plans may have a minimum of 3 sheets, but other sets may have 8 or more sheets. The size of the plan set depends on the size of the home and required detailing needed to complete the construction documents. Not all plan sets will include every sheet listed below and each set of plans will vary in the makeup of the drawings.

What's in a set of house plans? Cover sheet

Cover Sheet

Displays a 2D Cad illustration or an artist’s rendering of the front elevation. This sheet may include a page index and additional notes as well.

* Cover sheets are not included in most plans. In these cases, the exterior elevation(s) are the first page of the plan set.

What's in a set of house plans? Foundation plan

Foundation Plan

This sheet shows the general design intent of the foundation. The foundation plan is either a slab, crawl space, or basement. This plan gives the foundation layout, including support walls, excavated and unexcavated areas, foundation notes and details.

What's in a set of house plans? Floor plans

Floor Plans

The floor plan sheets have full dimensions with notes and indicate the layout of rooms, walls, doors, and windows. The electrical plans are also included on this sheet in some plans. Our house plans include abbreviated floor & ceiling framing member specifications on most plans.

What's in a set of house plans? Roof Plan

Roof Plan

The roof plan sheet shows a bird’s eye view of the overall layout of the roof, ridges, valleys, and slopes. This drawing may be included on the sheet with the exterior elevations.

What's in a set of house plans? House Elevations

Exterior Elevations

Shows a 2D representation of each side of the house. They indicate floor to ceiling heights and call out the type of materials for the walls, roof, and other elements that are part of the home. There are typically four elevations and they may be together on one page or up to four separate pages.

What's in a set of house plans? Sectional details

Sectional Details

Sheet include details of typical wall sections, foundation sections, and other miscellaneous sections of the building as if it was cut in a specific area of the home. Some of these details may be included on pages with the foundation and/ or elevations.

What's in a set of house plans? Electrical plans

Electrical Plans

This sheet show the floor plans indicating the location of light fixtures, switches, and outlets. Moreover, it shows the intent of the lighting design layout of the home. Some plan sets may have this included on the sheets with the floor plans.

What's in a set of house plans? Building sections

Miscellaneous Details and Building Section

These sheets include additional details that are important to the construction of the home. It may also include a cut-away view through the entire house from roof to foundation. On more complex designs it shows important changes in floor, ceiling, and roof heights or the relationship of one floor level to another. 

* Building sections are not included in most plans.

What's in a set of house plans? Interior elevations

Interior Elevations

These sheets show designs of cabinets, fireplaces, bookcases, built-in units and other special interior features.

* Interior elevations are not included in most plans.

Code compliance and what is not included.

Our plans are designed to be in accord with CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code or the International Residential Code (IRC) that was in effect at the time the plan was created; however, Design Evolutions do not warrant such conformity. Modifications may be necessary to meet applicable building codes, ordinances, local climatic, and geographical design criteria. Consult a local builder, building designer, or architect as necessary to bring the plans into compliance. Design Evolutions claim no responsibility for ensuring the plans, and/or any house built using the plans, comply with local or other applicable building codes. Determining and complying with all applicable codes is the responsibility of the homeowner and builder. Manufacturer instructions should be followed for all materials, appliances, and systems.

Heating and air conditioning layouts, plumbing diagram layouts, and electrical wiring layouts are not included in our plans. You will need to consult a local mechanical contractor for systems suitable for local climate conditions. A professional stamp is not attached on our plans. If your building department requires a stamp, they will only accept it from a professional licensed in the state where you plan to build your home. In this case, you will need to have your house plans reviewed by a local engineer or architect for stamping.

See if you will need an architect stamp for your house plans if you are not sure about the requirements in your state or local jurisdiction.

Please review our legal disclaimer and copyright notice for our house plans.

For more answers to questions you may have about our stock house plans, see our frequently asked questions.

House Plan Packages

1. PDF set – Electronic copy

A PDF file can be sent to a local printer to have full scale hard copies made to distribute to your subcontractors, engineers, and permitting department. You are licensed to print as many copies as needed to build one (1) house. You may not resell or distribute the digital file or the plans. Changes to the house plan typically cannot be made to a PDF.  You can arrange for the designer to modify the house plan for you before it is sent out.

A plus to this plan package is that you don’t have to wait for delivery from UPS or Fed Ex shipping. We deliver the plans to your email account inbox. Customers will receive their house plans in 1-2 business days, but more frequently within hours of your order during regular business hours.

2. Black line sets – Printed copies

Black line packages contain enough sets to provide your builder and subcontractors with copies to build your home. It gives the purchaser a license to build one (1) time only. You are not granted permission to reproduce the stock house plans and they shall not be redrawn. Reasonable red-lines and mark-ups on the plans by your builder is allowed. This plan package includes a license for building one (1) house.