Design a Bathroom Layout

To design a bathroom layout you have to be thoughtful about the placement of the fixtures. You should minimize the plumbing lines as much as possible, because this makes for easy construction. In addition to being visually appealing, the room must also be functional for ease of use by its occupants.

Bathroom Function

The primary use for the bathroom is bathing, toiletries, and other personal hygiene activities. Be sure to make the space well-lit and ventilated. This room might also include space for dressing or exercising.

Consider location, size, and shape when you design a bathroom layout


design a bathroom layoutYou should design bathrooms near the sleeping area of the home. Where there is a bedroom design, a bath should not be far from its location. In a ideal world, it is best to provide a bath for each bedroom in the home. The next best option is to design a bathroom layout that is centrally located between all bedrooms to make sharing to space convenient. When possible, the master bedroom should have its own bathroom, while the secondary beds can share a general bath.

An exception to having a bath near a bedroom is the half bath or “powder room”. This room only has a vanity and toilet, furthermore this size bath is best for guest usage and non bathing activities. Incorporating it near the living areas of the house is a good idea. Placing a powder room near the mudroom layout, which is in the service area of the home, is an option that can be used if the design warrant such a concept. However, the best possible solution is to position the powder room design near the point where the sleeping and living areas transition. Also, it’s important to note that you should try to position it in a secluded area to allow for privacy.

Size and Shape

A bathroom size and shape is largely governed by the spacing of typical fixtures. Also, the arrangement of the space in relation to adjoining rooms play a role too. However, there are some standard sizes that can be used when more elaborate design concepts are not feasible.

Full bathroom
A typical bath will only need basic fixtures that include a tub/shower combination, toilet, and a 30 inch vanity. They can be arranged to fit in the follow room sizes.

8 feet by 5 feet (40 sf)
8 feet by 6 feet (48 sf)

Half bath
A half bath or powder room has a toilet and vanity or pedestal sink. arrange these fixtures to fit within the follow room sizes.

3 feet by 7 feet 6 inches (22.5 sf)
5 feet by 5 feet (25 sf) – w/ pedestal sink

The aforementioned bathroom sizes are suggested minimums. They are based on known quantities, however varying fixture arrangements may require larger room dimensions when you design a bathroom layout for your home.