Universal Design for Homes

universal design for homesUniversal design for homes is great for those who would want to remain in their house through their golden years.This is also known as age in place. It is also ideal for those who are physically handicapped. The features of this design philosophy will easily fit the lifestyle needs of the physically challenged to make living in their home enjoyable. Seniors should be given the space needed to help them be more comfortable in their movements. The same is true for those who are having difficulties in walking or maybe for those who are in a wheelchair.

Standard house designs might make their daily lives a struggle. Our elderly population should be provided with sensible home design solutions that make their lives comfortable. We accomplish this when we design a house to fit their needs. Universal design is all about designing a house for the elderly and handicap to live comfortably.

Accessible home design

The term universal design is also known as accessible house plans or adaptive architecture. This design is known for its spacious rooms and wide hallways. The doorways are typically wide enough to allow easy passage of a wheel chair. The floors are made with non-slippery materials. They are tough enough to handle wheel scratches. Cabinets and sinks are lowered to accommodate the handicapped person’s reach. It also benefit elderly persons who are vertically challenged. Rooms are also larger than normal so that occupants can move freely without bumping into walls, furniture, or other obstacles.

Most people see this design concept as wasted square footage. However, if you live long enough, you will come to appreciate the home design and planning strategy of universal design. People who design their homes in this manner are simply planning ahead for their future. This design is actually a good investment that can help them save a lot of money in the future.

Most houses today are designed to fit the lifestyle of young people. When these young people grow older, they will have a hard time adapting to their house. As a solution for this problem, most people can and do build their houses into more senior citizen friendly versions because their plan is to remain there. It’s better to do so now as oppose to retro-fitting these features later.

People, both old and young, can actually enjoy the features of a universal design for homes. The extra space can actually be enhanced by natural decors to give the whole house a relaxed feeling. In fact, this design is actually dubbed as the house of the future due to the features and the advantages it has.