Building a house from stock plans: Pros and cons

Those who have decided to build their own home now have a lot of decisions to make. Putting together a home building checklist can help you organize and streamline the many choices your will have to make. One of the most important decision is whether you will be building a house from stock plans or from custom plans. Unfortunately, few decisions that have to do with building a house come without both pros and cons. Building a house from stock plans or custom plans is another of those decisions that comes with pros and cons.

The Pros of Building a House from Stock Plans:

Building a house from stock plans is much cheaper and more convenient. This is an undeniable fact. You have a lot less to do and a lot less work for which to pay. The low cost alone is reason enough to choose stock home plans as an alternative solution.

With stock house plans, you pay up to 1/6th of what you pay with a custom house plan design. When you make a custom house plan, you consult with a designer. Together you both work in creating the design for your plan. You have to pay the designer and take the time to figure out your design. When building a house from stock plans, you just need to pick out the plan you like and build. Also, just because you are picking out a stock plan does not mean that you cannot slightly adjust the plans. Modifications can make stock plan the perfect home plan design your needs.

Stock plans are usually already code compliant. If you are purchasing a stock plan from a local building designer, chances are that plan is aligned with the local codes. This is a lot easier than trying to change a custom plan or make a custom plan to fit the building codes. It is also a lot easier than having to update the house to code after it is already built.

Building a house from stock plans also takes less time. Contractors already know their stock plans and will take less time in building a house from stock plans. Also, stock plans are stock plans for a reason. Home builders already know that they will not have issues in the building process. Therefore, with a stock plan there is less worry about something not working in the field. This leads to a calm and relaxing building experience.

The Cons of Building a House from Stock Plans:

While building a house from stock plans has a lot of benefits there are two disadvantages that are obvious. The first is that when you build a house from a stock plan your house will not be as unique. It will not be your own design and you might end up in a “cookie cutter neighborhood” if your stock plan is the same as your neighbor’s. The second is that when you customize your house plan you are able to better design your house to your needs. For instance, if you have a disability and you need the house built a certain way, a stock plan will need to be changed a lot to get the house the way you want it.

Regardless of whether you are building a house from stock plans or from a custom home design, you should build from plans that make a house your home.

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