3 Reasons to Choose Stock Home Plans and Designs

Many homeowners tend to veer towards custom home plans and designs. It is quite understandable why you may wish to work on a custom home plan. The custom route can lead to some exciting options that are not otherwise present in stock designs. However, there are also plenty of reasons to build with stock home plans and designs, and we will go over three of the most important benefits right now.

1. The Price of Stock Home Plans and Designs

Even though it is a ton of fun to start brainstorming regarding custom home designs, you should be careful. The more unique you wish for your home to look; the more expensive things can and will get. If you have a massive or unlimited budget, then a custom home design is a solid choice. But, we all know that unlimited budgets are elusive to nearly everyone. However, those who wish to get a quality home built on a budget may want to stick with the stock home plans and designs that designers have available. The cost of a pre-designed house plan is only a fraction of the cost you would pay for that custom home. You will find that there is up to eighty percent in savings when choosing this option. Sears Roebuck help to pioneer this affordable alternative with their Sears catalog modern homes sold primarily through mail order.

2. Time

When you settle on a stock home plan and design, the process for getting a building permit can be completed within a very short period of time. It may take just a few days or a week at the most. In contrast, if you are busy working on a custom home design, it can take weeks to push through the necessary permits, even when you have settled on a perfect house design. In addition, stock plans are easier for construction workers because the plans have likely been built before.

3. Resale Value

Custom home plans are wonderful to create and living in. However, they can present a problem if you ever wish to sell on the property. What you thought was a wonderful idea may not appeal to the potential buyers who are interested in your property. The tendency to over customize a home is easier than most would think. Without the guidance of a good building designer, over customization can prove devastating on the resale market. In contrast, most families will be very happy with a stock home design when they are getting a good price on the home.

When planning the design and construction of your home, remember these three reasons to consider stock home plans.

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