5 Key Characteristics of Greek Revival Home Plans

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The glamor and charm of antebellum is a style that many homeowners and home builders have been drawn to for generations. These period home designs never go out of style it seems. There are several architectural styles that are associated with the antebellum period. These styles include the Georgian, French Colonial, Federal, and Classical Revival or Neoclassical. However, we will key in on the most prominent architecture style of the period, the Greek Revival. If you’re looking to recreate this look when you go to build your dream home, take a look at the following characteristics of Greek Revival home plans so you don’t miss any of the key features.

Tall Pediments or Columns are Characteristics of Greek Revival Home Plans

They’re the defining feature of ancient Greek temples and important structures, and they’re the focal point of Greek Revival home plans, as well. Be sure to include these columns and pediments at the forefront of your home. They should act as a gateway into the home itself.

Plaster Exterior

Sure, the Greeks used stone to create their beautiful temples, but American homes in the Greek Revival style never were. Wooden homes covered in plaster and painted white have always been a central characteristic of Greek Revival home plans.

The Transom

Over the front door of every Greek Revival home is a horizontal transom. Earlier architectural styles, like the Federal period home designs, included a fanlight. However, Greek Revival home plans have always added a transom right over the front door in a horizontal orientation.

Bold Moldings

Simple, pronounced molding throughout the interior of the home and extending to the exterior are important. This enhances the overall look and feel of Greek Revival home plans. They’re a major contributor to the high style and expressive classicism of the style.

Expressive Detailing

You can get as ornate or as simple as you’d like with this. However, every Greek Revival home should include some amount of detailing. While wealthier homes tend to include extensive, ornate detailing, a more subdued version of the same details were still included in other homes of this style, as well.

These are a few, but key, elements that determine the style of a house as it relate to Greek Revival architecture. Building a home in a Southern colonial or Greek revival style is a great way to create an elegant home. This is a classic home that you’ll love for many years to come. Make sure to work with your designer to ensure that all of the critical elements so characteristic of Greek Revival home plans are included in yours.

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