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what is the cheapest house design to build

What is the cheapest house design to build?

If you think a ranch style home is the cheapest house design to build, you are right. It is by far the most economical home to construct. However, I assume you came here looking for answers on features to building economically and not a particular style of home. If my […]

LoJack House Plan Rendering

3 Bedroom 2 bath house plans 1 story

The charm of one story house plans will never fade in popularity. Because of their practicality, single level home plans are often more preferred by homeowners due to their flexibility, accessibility, low maintenance, and budget-friendliness of construction. The most sought-after single story homes are 3 bedroom 2 bath house plans […]

Williamsburg 2 house photo

Luxury House Plans Come In Many Sizes And Styles

When the term luxury house plans is mentioned, the immediate reaction is to think of million dollar homes that we can only dream of one day owning. Visions of large homes with elaborate amenities come to mind when we think luxury. Home theaters, home gyms, rec rooms, large bedrooms & […]

celebrating 20 years in business

Celebrating 20 years in business!

We are excited to be celebrating 20 years in business! January 2019 marked the 20th anniversary of the company’s founding. As we celebrate our important milestone, we also reflect back on all of the years in which we provided great stock plans and home design services. We understand that this […]

Designing the Perfect Mudroom For Your New Home

How often do you use the front entrance of your home? It isn’t a common occurrence for families these days. There is a fancy set up right as the front door opens, but it’s usually guest who use this entrance. When most people come in and out of their home, […]

Top 5 Design Trends for New Homes

Top 5 Design Trends for New Homes

Planning a new home build in the near future? If you have a land and are planning to build a house on an empty lot there are many floor plan options available. Some of these floor plans may have better options than others when it comes to the latest trends. […]

Spotting a Flexible Floor Plan

Spotting a Flexible Floor Plan

If you find yourself in the incredible position of building a new home, you must take advantage of the options in front of you. One of those options include spotting a flexible floor plan. Flexible designs are what generally make a great house plan for now and in the future. […]

what makes a great house plan

What Makes a Great House Plan?

Building a new home is a dream for so many couples, especially if it is their first home. If you recently acquired land, and you are in the planning stages of building your home, there is so much to consider on what makes a great house plan. Deciding on the […]

choosing the right home plans for you

How to Select the Right House Plan Part 2

Selecting the right home plan should rely on understanding and considering several key issues. In the last part of this series, we discussed the importance of family, size, and function. In this article, we are going to focus on aspects such as lot and amenities. These factors are critical to […]

how to select the right house plan

How to Select the Right House Plan Part 1

When it comes to how to select the right house plan for you, there are many things to consider before diving right in. Things like the size of your family, or if you are single, whether you are planning to start a family in the future. In this article, we […]

contemporary house plans

Contemporary House Plans

Thinking about something a little atypical for a home? Those who have an empty plot of land where they are planning to begin construction may be interested in modern contemporary house plans as an option. While it is rare to see many such houses in the suburbs, they were all […]

starter home plans

Starter Home House Plans For First Time Buyers

Building your first home can be one of the most exciting moments of your life! There are a lot of moving parts in the process, but one the more important are the house plans. There are endless amounts to choose from on the internet; however, we have a few selection […]

find the perfect house plan

How Do I Find The Perfect House Plan?

We all would love to have the perfect house plan to build our dream home. However, many of us tend to settle for less than perfect in a search from such a thing. The task can be overwhelming and even frustrating when there is no written rule on how to […]

five reasons to build your own house

Five Reasons to Build Your Own House

Many people have dreamed about the possibility of building their own house. Who wouldn’t like the idea of building their own custom home? There is something about a brand new house being built on your very own land. Moreover, there is a satisfaction of getting exactly the home they want […]

3 Ways to Stay Calm While Building a New Home

3 Ways to Stay Calm While Building a New Home

Ahhh! That’s the first word that comes to mind when you speak to people who have lived through the trauma of having their home built. Yes, it is ultimately a dream come true. Think about it: You get to move into the home of your dreams, the home you designed, […]

the benefits of purchasing stock home plans

3 Noteworthy Benefits of Purchasing Stock Home Plans

Building a home is no small feat, and there are many options when it comes to how you go about it. One option is to work with a designer directly and build a custom home. However, another often overlooked option is to purchase a set of pre-drawn house plans. Building […]

characteristics of Greek revival home plans

5 Key Characteristics of Greek Revival Home Plans

The glamor and charm of antebellum is a style that many homeowners and home builders have been drawn to for generations. These period home designs never go out of style it seems. There are several architectural styles that are associated with the home plans that were designed during the antebellum […]

Tudor architecture elevation design

Redesigning the Front of a House to Improve Curb Appeal

On numerous occasions, I have been hired to perform the task of redesigning the front of a house. In nearly all cases, the client had purchased a stock house plan where they liked the house floor plan but hated the front elevation design. This is common when dealing with stock plans.

designing homes from the inside out

Designing Homes From the Inside Out

The floor plan is the drawing of the outline and partitions of a building as you would see if the building were to be sliced horizontally around four feet above the floor line. It provides more specific information about the design of the building than any other drawing from the home construction set.

home office nook

Home Office Nook: Taking Care of Business

One of the more sought-after spaces in a home is an office. It could be for the purpose of running a home based business or a designated place to do household business. However, with the average home in America being around 2,400 square feet, many homeowners lack the space in their home design for this specific room.

designing a roof plan for a house

Designing a Roof Plan For A House

A roof design can make or break the appearance of a home. It must be considered when developing the floor plan and determining the style of architecture of a home. Having those ideas in place will lead to a well crafted roof that should be easy to frame.

qualities indicative of good house designs

Qualities Indicative of Good House Designs

Designing a home is something that takes years of practice. Sure, most of us can come up with plenty of design ideas via thumbnail sketches or back of the napkin drawings. But there is a difference between abstract concepts and actual measured designs.