Modern Home Dining: Ditching the Formal Dining Room

The perception of the dining room within a home has changed because many families are ditching the formal dining room. The fact is, we do not dine the way we did 20 or 30 years ago. The idea of the entire family sitting at the dining table to enjoy a meal has become a rare practice. While some families maintain traditions, most find they are eating dinner anywhere but in the dining room.  Moreover, we are now living in a time where kitchens have large islands with seating and extended eating areas off of the kitchen where families enjoy dining together. It just doesn’t make sense to have to many dining areas and waste valuable square footage, so leaving the dining room behind might be a better option for your next home design.

Ditching the Formal Dining Room and repurposing the space

When building a new home, it may be a good idea to combine the kitchen and dining area to create a single space. Moreover, the space where the traditional formal dining room would have gone can be repurposed. You can reduce the amount of living space needed or perhaps it can become usable square footage in another part of the home plans design. A home office, study, or guest bedroom are all ideas that come to mind. That additional space will become more valuable because it will be used far more often as oppose to the moderate use of a formal dining room.

Langford house plan 1st floor
Langford House Plan showing a combined kitchen, dining, and family room. Click image for plan details.

Leaving the Dining Room Behind Help Establish New Eating Areas

Having sufficient space situated between your kitchen and family room is the perfect place for your family to have a designated place to gather and eat meals. All that is needed is a table big enough to accommodate your entire family plus space for additional guest when necessary. A table that seats 6 to 8 people is a good start. The table should be big enough to give everyone elbow room, but not so big that it overwhelm the space entirely. When you include a large kitchen island in the design, that provides additional seating which keep everyone together during a dinner party!

Clearing Out the Space

It is even better if the table set is movable. Perhaps there is a major party the family is planning on hosting. The table that is normally used for eating may not be needed. The space may be more useful as an area where everyone can stand and mingle. Moving the table and chairs to the side can help create that massive space. In this example, always purchase a table and chairs that are durable and comfortable, but easy enough to move when the occasion calls for it.

Ditching the formal dining room can be a refreshing change from the way things once were. As we continue to evolve in the way we live, our home designs should reflect those changes. If your lifestyle doesn’t include the use of a formal dining room, consider using that valuable square footage in other areas of the home where it benefits the way you live!

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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