Modern Home Dining: Leaving the Dining Room Behind

The perception of the dining room within a home must change, because most families are not eating in the way they did 20 or 30 years ago. The idea of the entire family sitting at the dining table to enjoy a meal is becoming a rare practice. While some families maintain traditions, most find they are eating dinner anywhere but the dining room. Hence the term, modern home dining.

Repurposing the Dining Room

Ellise plan modern home dining
Floor plan of our Ellise House Plan showing combined kitchen, dining, and keeping room. Click image for more plan details.

When building a new home, it may be a good idea to combine the kitchen and dining area to create a single space. Moreover, the space where the traditional dining room would have gone can be repurposed. Perhaps it can become part of a larger entertainment room. Or it could take up the role of a home office. Anyone who is working or studying from home can use that space!

With Modern Home Dining, New Eating Areas Are Established

Having a nice table between your kitchen and the “office” that has been set up is the perfect way to ensure the family still has a spot where they can sit and eat. All that is needed is a decent sized table and enough chairs. Plan on having chairs for everyone in the family and a few extra for guests. The table should be big enough to fit all those chairs comfortably, as a crowded dinner table is never fun to experience!

Clearing Out the Space

It is even better if the table set is movable. Perhaps there is a major party the family is planning on hosting. The table that is normally used for eating may not be needed. The space may be more useful as an area where everyone can stand and mingle. Moving the table and chairs to the side can help create that massive space.
Always purchase a table and chairs that are durable and comfortable, but easy enough to move when the occasion calls for it!

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