Designing the Perfect Mudroom For Your New Home

Is no one is using the front entrance to the house? It is a common occurrence for families these days. There is a fancy set up right as the front door opens, but hardly anyone sees it. When most people come in and out of their home, they are probably using the garage door. Most friends and family will do the same when visiting, especially if they are parking their car in the garage. The only person using the front entry is the mailman. This is why designing the perfect mudroom for your home makes sense!

Setting up a Mudroom

One of the issues with everyone coming in through the garage entrance is getting that part of the house dirty. When it is raining or snowing, it can lead to mud, water, and other debris making its way inside and becoming a permanent fixture on the floor. Having to constantly clean up the area is another annoyance.

Mudroom of our Cashton house plan
Mudroom of our Cashton house plan – CHP08002. Click the image to see more photos and plan details

Why not set up a mudroom?

Instead of having that narrow path to the back door littered with bags, shoes, mud and other accessories, a dedicated room for these items would solve the problem. The mudroom is literally an area where everyone can take off their shoes and outdoor gear, ensuring the mud stays in there!

It is also a place where the family can set up little storage cubbies for individual accessories. Everyone gets their own stylish cubby, while a couple can stay open for guests or relatives!

Designing the perfect mudroom Specs

When it comes to the square footage of your mudroom, does size really matter? Why yes it does! The ideal mudroom should be around five feet wide at minimum. That ensures it is big enough for a couple of people to enter the house together, get all their outdoor wear off and head inside. A length of 10 or 11 feet should suffice, as it leads to enough storage spots for shoes, coats, winter jackets and other gear.

Having a little bathroom in that area could be useful too. If someone is in a hurry to use the bathroom, they can quickly go in there, instead of running through the house with dirty shoes!

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