Does Size Really Matter?

When it comes to designing your perfect home or building that first house, does size really matter? It really depends on who you ask, but generally speaking, everyone has their preference. In the age of tiny homes, does size really matter to everyone in the same way? While some may prefer 250 square feet of tiny living, others prefer a more robust living space. That space often exceeds 4,000 square feet home designs.

Does size really matter? Square footage that’s right for you

The right question is, what is the square footage that’s right for you? This should be answered by taking several things into consideration. Things such as whether or not you have a family, the size of your family, and the needs of each individual living in the home.

Does size really matter? Room requirements

Do you or someone in the family have a need for a personal home office? Do you or someone else partake in HIIT workout sessions and need a personal gym? If you have children, do they need a game room or area to study quietly? How about family recreation? Is there need for a family room, aside from the general living room, to accommodate the needs of the whole family, such as video games, a ping-pong table, or maybe some foosball?

Does size really matter? Current and future needs

Deciding on the total square footage of any new home design must be based on the needs of yourself. In addition, it should consider the needs of those living in the home and the activity taking place in each room. Moreover, there is also keeping in mind the future needs of your family. Needs such as whether or not you plan to expand your family. You never know – perhaps a future nursery is in order?

In any case, keeping in mind these things will assist you planning a new space that will meet your needs, as well as everyone else who will occupy this new area.

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