How Do I Find The Perfect House Plan?

We all would love to have the perfect house plan to build our dream home. However, many of us tend to settle for less than perfect in a search from such a thing. The task can be overwhelming and even frustrating when there is no written rule on how to find the perfect house plan. Therefore, I’m going to give you some ideas on what you can do to discover your idea home design. As you will discover, finding the perfect house plan can be achieved in one of three easy options.

Three ways to find the perfect house plan

1. Consult with a Building Designer or Architect

The most obvious way to find the perfect house plan is to talk with a design professional. I am a little bias on this point due to the fact that I am Building designer. However, my bias view doesn’t discount the notion that a Building Designer or an Architect is the best choice. It’s our job to design homes for the way you live!

The most economical way to achieve the goal of having all the required or desirable elements in your new home is to consider the many possibilities of choosing stock house plans. All we need is your list of criteria and we can match you with a plan that meet most, if not all, of your desires. In many cases, you are likely to discover a floor plan that has 80 to 90 percent of the things you need and want. Figuring out how to adjust the last 10 to 20 percent can be discussed with the house plan designer. Together the both of you can develop a plan to modify the design in a way that will bring the home into full compliance of the things you need and the things you want in your home.

If a designer’s existing house plan doesn’t fit the bill, you may consider a custom home design if you can budget for custom home design fees. Spelling out your needs and wants for your home can help develop a design program in which you will get exactly what you want. Moreover, if you’re buying land to build a house, this helps to shape the confines of the home design to take advantage of site conditions. Not only will the home be perfect for you, but it will be perfect for that specific piece of land.

While you are working to find that perfect home design, keep abreast of what’s new in house plans. Staying up to date with the latest design trends, along with timeless design principles, is highly recommended.

2. Consult with a Design-Build company to find the perfect house plan

The second best option is using a reputable design-build house plan company. In this case, you are working with a professional home builder who operates as an all-in-one shop. Some will have in-house Architects or Residential building designers that can help you define the perimeters to find the perfect house plan. Others will use independent design professionals to deliver the same services. In either scenario, you will find answers on how to pick the perfect house plan.

As with independent Architects and Designers, these design-build companies usually have a collection of home builder plans too. Again, you may find one that really mesh with your needs and wants, requiring only a few modifications. This is yet another way for you to pick the perfect home design to build.

3. Can’t find the perfect house plan? Design it yourself

You’ve searched high and low, but still can’t seem to discover a plan that is the right fit for you? If you feel good enough about your doodling skills, draw it yourself! Sketch out your ideas on paper and don’t worry about the details. Concepts are all that matter at this point. A technique many home plan designers use is call a bubble diagram. It works well in forming a concept of where each room will be positioned in the home. From there you can fine tune the concept into line drawings of the most basic fashion. The more you doodle, the more the plan will develop.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of sketching, try using an inexpensive home design software to help you layout a function floor plan. Once you are at a point where you feel sure about your concept, hire a building designer  to develop that ideal into a set of construction.

So, there you have it! Finding the perfect house plan isn’t so complicated when you understand what you are looking for.

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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