Five Reasons to Build Your Own House

Last Updated on November 5, 2020

Many people have dreamed about the possibility of building their own house. Who wouldn’t like the idea of building their own custom home? There is something about a brand new house being built on your very own land. Moreover, there is a satisfaction of getting exactly the home they want to live in. However, not everyone actually makes that a reality and works with a home planning company to build the house of their dreams. Perhaps people like you would likely do so if you are given five reasons to build your own house.

Here are five reasons to build your own house from the ground up:

1. You Get Exactly What You Want

Your home purchase will likely be the biggest purchase you make in your entire lifetime. It will likely take years of work to pay for. In addition, you will spend many years of your life living there. It’s your home. For a purchase like this why wouldn’t you get exactly what you want?

2. You Get More House for Your Dollar

On average a newly built home will cost around 25% less than a comparable home that already exists. You can get more square footage for the same money, or get the same square footage, features, and materials while saving money. And to piggy back on the first reason, you get exactly what you want in your home!

3. Contemporary Floor Plans

There are many tried and true class home plans that never seem to go out of style, but if you build yourself, you can modify them to suit your modern needs and lifestyle. Many older homes you may see on the market just aren’t built for how people live today. However, it is possible to create the perfect home plan with timeless qualities if you avoid trendy designs.

4. Safer And Healthier Homes

You can be sure when you build your new house from a stock house plan or a custom home design that it complies with the latest and safest building codes and regulations. Your wiring and plumbing will be up to date. There will be no hazardous materials like asbestos or formaldehyde in your building materials.

5. No Downtime for Remodeling

You won’t have to have your life interrupted in just a few years to remodel when you build your own home. You’ll already have the layout, floor plan, and features you want all at once, all from the day you move into your house.

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