What Makes a New Home More Efficient?

When it comes to buying a home, one thing many people do not take into consideration, is the age of the home. Another thing not considered is what makes a new home more efficient. Yes, a 100-year-old freshly renovated home can be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. But is it a smart move? Well, that depends. It depends on what you are looking for long-term. It depends on whether you plan to keep your bills low, and create less of a carbon footprint.

What Makes a new home more efficient? Something Old, Something New…

You see, there are very distinct advantages to buying or building a brand-new home. Efficiency is one of the most important. With a new home, you are able to implement cost-effective floor plan designs and energy saving materials. This can be achieved with a stock designer house plan or a custom designed home.

You will have the ability to decide on the type and form of energy saving windows, whether or not to implement solar panels, energy saving faucets and fixtures, water saving commodes, and much more. In addition to saving you more money by installing energy efficient heating, cooling, and water heating systems, and because of your home’s energy efficient structure, your home will be more durable, last longer, and will need less repairs and/or upgrades over the years.

In fact, you are able to receive specialized financing for building eco-friendly homes.

If you plan on designing and building a new home or are planning an extensive remodel to your existing home, true energy efficiency requires an approach that encompasses your whole house to ensure that you and your home builders maximize and leverage your home’s capacity to save energy. That is what makes a new home more efficient.

Remember, true energy efficiency also is decided by your behaviors. Cranking up the air conditioning will always result in higher energy costs. However, an energy efficient home will provide a space that contains cool air longer, requiring a lower temperature that doesn’t run quite as long.

An energy efficient home will help to ensure there is no need to constantly run your cooling, heating, or water.

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