Mountain House Plans Designs: Bringing the Outdoors Home

The popularity of purchasing ready-made house plans for new home construction bring the emergence of mountain house plans designs. A mountain home design break the mold of what is considered “normal”. In this regard, homeowners are looking to build a new custom home in the neighborhoods they have chosen to occupy. Homeowners are bringing beach-style home designs to the Savannah and Tuscan villa-style homes to contemporary areas. Now we are seeing mountain-style homes in traditional neighborhoods too.


Because purchasing stock home plans provides an avenue of home building that is streamlined. It is also cost-effective and gives them the opportunity to build a “forever home” in any neighborhood they choose.

Characteristics of Mountain House Plans Designs

Mountain house plans are meant to take advantage of large lots, particularly uneven or hilly grounds. Lots with uneven or sloping areas often have to be leveled before construction begins. Not with a mountain-style home design. These homes integrate well with varied levels of land in the way that Prairie style homes integrate with the prairie landscape. In fact, they thrive on them.

Braylon house plan front elevation rendering
Braylon house plan – Click image for plan details

Mountain homes typically have large windows, exposed beams, and a rugged look. Outdoor elements such as timber beams & truss, log, stone, and brick provide a natural adaptation. These materials can also blend in with the home’s surroundings. This gives your home an organic feel similar to that of French country style homes and cottage house plans.

While most of these styles are multi-level plans, they can also include daylight basements. These types of basements are very useful and stylish. Daylight basements are known by one side being exposed to the outdoors. In addition, they have a doorway opening up to the outside directly. Large windows also allow for natural lighting, which is rare in a basement.

Mountain homes are also characterized by their beautiful outdoor spaces. Large decks are meant to take full advantage of views and enjoying your beautiful surroundings first-hand.


Mountain-style stock house plans work best in the peaks. However, your hilly lot can benefit from one of these beautiful homes as well. This type of home will add character and bring comfort to your daily life.

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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