How to Choose a House Plan with a Flexible Layout

Building a dream home is an exciting adventure. It is the moment when a landowner gets to decide exactly how they want their house to look. Every room is specifically designed, which adds to the charm and personality of the finished house. If you go with a stock home design, discover how to choose house plans with a flexible layout.

A lot of people get caught up in having a very specific layout, where each room has a precise function. However, a family’s needs can change over the years. If every room is being used a specific way in the first year, those uses may be completely different five years down the road.

It is why having house plans with a flexible layout is a much better idea. Children get older, a family may have more kids than were expected, grandparents may come to live in the home and other changes can take place. Flexible house plans ensure that it is easy to repurpose rooms when needed.

Here is How to Choose a House Plan with a Flexible Layout

Many designers have started adding flex rooms to house plans. These flex rooms are designed with more than one purpose in mind. For instance, a flex room could serve as the place where a family entertains guests who are coming over for a party. It could also double as a bedroom for family members who are spending a few nights. The flex room can even serve as a home office or study space, when required. Designs like this make it easy to spot a flexible floor plan design.

Langford house plan 2nd floor
Second floor of the Langford house plan with a bedroom flex option. Click image for plan details.

Having the flex room near the front of the house is a good choice. If it is one of the first rooms when entering the house, it becomes the ideal spot to entertain guests during parties. But having big doors that can be closed for privacy ensure the same room can be used as a makeshift guest room or home office. Our Montana house plan and Westlake home design are good example of this.

Even in a smaller house, where space is limited, having a flex room offers a lot of freedom to families. Instead of needing to build an extension in five years, the flex room can serve those different purposes over time!

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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