Spotting a Flexible Floor Plan

If you find yourself in the incredible position of building a new home, you must take advantage of the options in front of you. One of those options include spotting a flexible floor plan. Flexible designs are what generally make a great house plan for now and in the future. Many families get into a position where they must choose from a set of already-built homes that are on the market. When you are building a home from the ground up, you have the option to choose the square footage, floor plan and other features.

Spotting a Flexible Floor Plan Should Be Your Primary Goal

Spotting a flexible floor plan is easy to do. Look for house plans that have a room which can be used for multiple purposes. This are spaces such as a bonus room, a study, a den, a first floor bedroom, or even a space labeled as a flex room. The uses for these spaces can be flexed as your lifestyle changes. Our Huntsville house plan and Barnett home plan are great options for flexible floor plans

Floor Plan Flexibility

You probably have a good idea about how you want your home to look. If you have been looking at different floor plan options and sketching out your dream floor plan, there are some considerations you should make.

Think about how your needs can change over the years. You may have a specific home layout in mind right now. However, your needs may be different in five or ten years. You may have more members in your family, or extended family living with you. Maybe you will think about working from home.

The best floor plans are the ones that can handle changes within the family dynamic.

Flex Rooms

The beauty of a flex room is that it can serve more than one purpose. In addition, it is a sizeable room that is located in an ideal spot in the house. If you are having guests over, it will be the room you use to entertain or host a dinner party. If you have extended family staying for a few weeks, they could make use of the room as a bedroom.

It could also become a space where everyone in the house can sit down to quietly work. If that idea sounds tempting, look into setting up a flex room in your home that has a door. Make it a larger door, which you can leave open if the room is used for entertaining. If you want to use the room as a quiet spot for working, or as a bedroom, simply close the door!

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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