What Makes a Great House Plan?

Building a new home is a dream for so many couples, especially if it is their first home. If you recently acquired land, and you are in the planning stages of building your home, there is so much to consider on what makes a great house plan.

Deciding on the perfect house plan is not easy, and there are so many variables to consider. What housing style do you prefer? How much house square footage do you need? How many people will be living in the home?

We have a few suggestions that will ensure your house plan is practical and aesthetically pleasing.

What Makes A Great House Plan? Here are 3 Design Points…

1. Integrate the Indoors and Outdoors

A problem for many homes is the secluded nature of the indoor and outdoor spaces. It almost feels like they are two separate partitions of the property, instead of being different parts of the same home. Convenient doors that open out to the covered porch or patio, along with easy access to the backyard, will help a lot. If the home is located in a pleasant year-round climate, integrating an outdoor living space to the rest of the house is even more important.

Anderson house plan – DE2002: The rear covered porch is spacious and adds integrated outdoor living space.

2. Avoid Dead End Rooms

Dead-end rooms that have a single use, such as a secluded living room or dining room, disrupt the flow of a home. They are a hindrance when entertaining, and they result in people feeling detached from each other while being in the same home. Having large, open doorways, or passages between the walls ensures the whole floor feels like a connected space, instead of separate parts.

Andy house plan – BP13001: The family and dining areas are open in addition to the kitchen. Great for entertaining.

3. Properly Proportioned Kitchen Island

It is tempting to go with a kitchen island, especially if you are connecting the living room and kitchen area. However, a massive kitchen island can make the space feel cramped. Don’t force an island in a design if it doesn’t work, especially if your want if for pure vanity. Only go with an appropriately sized kitchen island that suits your family’s needs and avoid wasting valuable square footage that can be put to better use.

Braylon house plan – BP18001: The island is designed in scale with the size of the kitchen/ breakfast area

When choosing the right stock or custom home plan, keeping in mind the home’s surroundings, integrating as much of the natural beauty of the outdoors is often an overlooked simple pleasure. In addition, keeping the flow of the home moving and ensuring a kitchen that isn’t overly done or underwhelming are essential attributes to look for when choosing a great house plan. These are just a few points on what makes a great house plan.

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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