3 Reasons Why You Should Build a Farm Style Home

A lot of people think of the American farm style home as being more about aesthetics than practicality. But the farmhouse style home was originally made famous because of its functionality, which is why it is still such a great choice for many families. Here are three reasons why you should build a farm style home.

Three compelling reasons to build a Farm Style Home

1. A Farm Style Home is Straightforward, Aesthetically Pleasing Design

The initial idea behind the American farmhouse style home was to create a home that would function perfectly for farmers. The goal was to provide something unpretentious and functional by using local materials. The same principles can apply today, even to those who are not farmers. These homes feature a simple, rectangular floor plan, one or two stories, side gable ended roofs and stunning fireplaces. Families who are seeking a traditional, aesthetically pleasing and straightforward home will love the farm house style. It’s also an economical style, meaning you can you can get more bang per dollar in each square foot of living space.

Hargrove farmhouse plan front rendering
Hargrove farmhouse plan – Click image for plan details

2. Another reason why you should build a farm style home…Expandable and Flexible Design

American farmhouse homes are known for their durability and ability to expand as a family grows. Young couples who do not have children will love the one story farmhouse style. A modest home is perfect for a young couple. And if they have children in a few years, adding to the home is much easier with the farmhouse style!

Traditional farmhouse-style homes have the formal rooms at the front of the house, while the family rooms are towards the back. A young family could modernize this concept by using one of the formal rooms as a flex room, which can be converted into an office, guest room or entertainment area.

3. Farmhouse Style Homes are Ideal for Hot Summers and/or Cold Winters

These houses typically feature thick walls and smaller windows, which is ideal for places where the summers are hot and the winters cold. The modest American farm house style home is much easier to heat and cool without overworking a central air system.

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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