One Story Farmhouse Plans

What is a One Story Farmhouse plan?

In short, one story farmhouse plans are a hybrid of the typical ranch house plans and farmhouse plans. A traditional ranch style home is a single-story. They are generally an open-concept design with a large front porch and a rear patio space. Ranch house plans are recognized by their low-pitch roof lines and simple detailing. Most ranch plans are rectangular in shape, but can also appear as a “U” or “L” shape design. Exterior finishes are normally brick or lap siding.

A Farmhouse plan can be a one story home plan, a one-and-a-half or two story home design. The floor plan is often asymmetrical and the elevation usually have a dominate gable at the front. Farmhouse plans display simple detailing like ranch house designs. They also share an open floor plan concept with large porches that are sometimes designed as a wraparound porch.

With the ranch style having similar traits to the farmhouse design, it’s easy to see how these two styles are merged to create a hybrid design known as one story farmhouse plans or also referred to as ranch farmhouse plans.

Benefits of One Story Farmhouse Plans

Ellise farmhouse plan rendering
Ellise farmhouse Plan
  • No Need For Stairs
    All rooms are on the same floor. You never have to worry about running up and down the stairs every day. This reason alone is why one story farmhouse plans are extremely popular with older homeowners. Getting around can prove difficult for some older residents and having all rooms accessible on one level, like our Ellise Farmhouse plan, is ideal. In addition, not having stairs also allows for more living space to be utilize in one story farmhouse plans.
  • An Open and Free-Flowing Floor Plan
    Having a open floor plan is another advantage for older homeowners. Because older residents aren’t as mobile as younger residents, an open concept plan can eliminate the need to move from room to room just to be in the presence or company of family and friends. The kitchen in one story farmhouse plans are often open to the family room and casual eating areas as illustrated in our Park Place Farmhouse plan. These rooms usually see the most traffic throughout a typical day in a home.
  • Outdoor Living Space
    One story farmhouse plans with porches add additional living space to the home. The porch designs are generally large enough to accommodate several people along with outdoor furniture. This expands the living area of the home and allows you to enjoy the spring, summer, and fall months under the protection of a roof.
  • Easy Maintenance
    One Story Farmhouse plans have only one floor and a relatively low-pitched roof. These two attributes make it easy to maintain and repair the home when necessary. Easy maintenance allows you more time to do the things you would rather do!
Park Place house plan rendering
Park Place Farmhouse Plan

Additional Spaces in One story Farmhouse plans

While most ranch farmhouse plans do not have a second floor, in some instances, you will see some with finished basements. Others may have bonus spaces under the roof in what is considered a one-and-one-half story design. Our Park Ridge Farmhouse plan is an example which has both. Each option increases the overall livable space in the home and works great as an area for an entertainment room, a home gym, office, kid’s playroom, or additional bedrooms.

Park Ridge house plan rendering
Park Ridge Farmhouse Plan

Seeing the benefits of living in a farmhouse style 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 story house plan, it’s easy to see why this type of home is in high demand among older residents as well as young families.

Last Updated on July 13, 2023

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