Luxury House Plans Come In Many Sizes And Styles

When the term luxury house plans is mentioned, the immediate reaction is to think of million dollar homes that we can only dream of one day owning. Visions of large homes with elaborate amenities come to mind when we think luxury. Home theaters, home gyms, rec rooms, large bedrooms & bathrooms, guest houses, and six car garages all define luxury. While this may be true, it is not necessarily the only truth.

Luxury house plans do not have to be defined by their elaborate amenities, square footage, or cost. Luxury can also be defined in smaller homes with few amenities and a reasonable price tag too. It’s all about the details.

How big does a house design have to be in order to be considered a luxury house plan?

Luxury house plans come in many sizes and styles with one or multiple floor levels. There is no hard and fast rule that says otherwise. A 2,000 square foot starter home house plan could be just as luxurious as a 10,000 square foot home. Size does not equate to luxury. It is all about how the home is designed and detailed. A well thought out floor plan is a key component to a luxury design. It makes for a great home that can be practical for family’s daily activities and functional enough to entertain guest comfortably. It is the unique and eye-popping design features found on the exterior & interior that delivers the flare of a luxury home design.

Twin Oaks house plan rendering
The Twin Oaks aura of luxury is found in Greek Revival architecture at only 2,354 sq ft. Click image for plan info.

What architectural styles are used for luxury house plans

The architectural style of an elevation plays a role in luxury house plans also. Designs that adhere to a distinct architectural style tend to exhibit an aura of luxury. No particular style holds a monopoly on luxury though. You can design luxury home plans in Colonial, Greek Revival, Craftsman, Modern Contemporary, Tudor, or any other style your heart desires. The key to this is to design the plans with uncommon architectural details. Equally important, the elevation concept should complement the floor plan design and detailing.

Cashton house plan
The Cashton, at 3,706 sq ft, features heavy exterior trim with interior coffer, tray, and vault ceilings. Click image for plan details

What are elements that define a luxury house plan?

Luxury homes tend to be designed, constructed, and finished with high-end materials. However, you do not have to break the bank on high-end materials and finishes. As stated before, architectural details make all the difference. Trim details really change the perception of a home. The use of crown molding, interior trim for windows and doors, and wainscoting are some detail examples to make a home design feel more expensive. Other design elements include ceiling treatments (i.e. vault ceiling, ceiling beams, tray ceilings, coffer ceilings) and built-ins. Unique design techniques can bring out the grandeur in the smallest of any home plan giving it a luxury feel. When it comes to luxury home plan designs it’s about details, not size.

Williamsburg 2 house photo
At 4,505 sq ft, the Williamsburg II uses brick and stone to create a European style of luxury architecture. Click image for plan info.

We have dozens of luxury house plans in many sizes to choose from. Many of them include design elements discussed in this blog post. Find your luxury house plan today from the leading house plan designers at

Last Updated on July 12, 2023

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