Finding the Perfect Square Footage for Your New Home – House Plans

Building a new home is a dream for many families. If it is about to become your reality, you are probably very excited. However, there is so much work to do, and so many decisions to make before your dream home is built. One of those decisions involves finding the perfect square footage for your new home.

Finding the Perfect Square Footage for Your New Home

It is easy to go with the most square footage that fits within the land you own. However, large homes come with their challenges, such as higher heating and maintenance costs, and unused space.

When choosing square footage, it is a good idea to think about how you will be using your home. How many people will live there? Will extended family live with you? Do you need a home office? Are you planning to set up a dedicated home theater room? You are in essence looking for the perfect home plan at the right size for your needs.

Covington house plan – DE014: The design includes a study that can be easy be use as an office. It has a basement that doubles the living space when finished. Good for expanding with a growing family.

Keep Expansion in Mind

Think about all the different rooms you want in your home and the ideal size for each room. It will give you a much better idea of the total square footage your home needs. Also, keep in mind that families can grow. If you are a young couple building your first home, keep in mind that you may have kids in the future. It is easier to build a bigger home now, than adding extensions later.

Consider Visitors

Having a guest room is a must for most families. You may think no one will ever visit you, but it is better to have a spare room so that you can easily entertain guests when necessary. If your parents, in-laws or older children are visiting, it is nice for them to have a room where they can stay. Keep floor plan flexibility in mind in additional to your square footage limits.

Mason home plan – BP12004: Guest bedroom conveniently located on the first floor.

Finding Balance

It is easy to go overboard with finding the perfect square footage for your new home. However, think about your budget, and how much it will cost to heat and cool a gigantic home. Talk with a contractor and choose a blueprint that will give you all the space you need, without going overboard.

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