How to Modify Your House Plans: A General Look

When it comes to house plans, be them stock or custom plans, sometimes modifications are warranted. This could be because of the lot type or climate of your location barring or restricting certain aspects of your new home build. Maybe your stock plan doesn’t address certain needs or wants you may have, or you left something out of your custom house plan’s original design. In any case, modifications are in order, and this article is going to focus on how to modify your house plans.

Common House Plan Modifications

There are numerous modifications that can be made to your home plans, and with them, a number of reasons why. Understanding some of the common types of modifications will help you to understand why they are made and why you may need a modification of your own.

    • You may need to reverse your home plan, mirror or right reading
    • A person may need to switch the type of your foundation
    • You may need to add a car port or attached/unattached garage
    • There may be a need to change the location of an entryway
    • You may need to add/remove square footage
    • You may need to add or remove a fireplace
    • One may need to switch certain materials used
    • You may need a new kitchen layout
    • Your family may need to add a bonus room or in-law suite for more space
    • You may need to switch façade materials such as siding or brick

As can be seen, there are many changes that can be made to a house plan in order to satisfy a need.

How to Modify Your House Plans

    • List the desired changes.
    • Create a form or use the form provided by the vendor of your house plans.
    • Be very specific without being too wordy. In addition, use simple terms.
    • You will receive a notification that your modification request was received and a quote for the changes you requested.
    • You will then be provided the new plan in rough draft form for approval.
    • Once approval has been acknowledged, a redrawing of the blueprint will then be processed.

In Closing

While the exact process may differ slightly depending on the exact nature and reasons for your desired changes, this process is generally what you can expect when it comes to modifying your house plans.

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