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designing homes from the inside out

Designing Homes From the Inside Out

The floor plan is the drawing of the outline and partitions of a building as you would see if the building were to be sliced horizontally around four feet above the floor line. It provides more specific information about the design of the building than any other drawing from the home construction set.

home office nook

Home Office Nook: Taking Care of Business

One of the more sought-after spaces in a home is an office. It could be for the purpose of running a home based business or a designated place to do household business. However, with the average home in America being around 2,400 square feet, many homeowners lack the space in their home design for this specific room.

designing a roof plan for a house

Designing a Roof Plan For A House

A roof design can make or break the appearance of a home. It must be considered when developing the floor plan and determining the style of architecture of a home. Having those ideas in place will lead to a well crafted roof that should be easy to frame.

qualities indicative of good house designs

Qualities Indicative of Good House Designs

Designing a home is something that takes years of practice. Sure, most of us can come up with plenty of design ideas via thumbnail sketches or back of the napkin drawings. But there is a difference between abstract concepts and actual measured designs.

choosing a staircase design

Choosing a Staircase Design For Your Floor Plan

Deciding on a type of staircase design for your floor plan can be as important as determining the design function of your home’s kitchen. Factors that help to determine this are your budget, available floor space, location of the stairs, and design taste.

how many bedrooms do you need

How Many Bedrooms Do I Need In My Home?

When investing in a new home, the rule of thumb is the buy as much house as you can afford. This is especially true for young families. The amount of bedrooms needed in your home will vary depending on your family situation.

downsizing to a smaller home

Are Americans Downsizing to Small Homes?

It was once the norm to see a family looking for a home between 3,000 to 3,500 square foot, with 3,500 plus sq ft running a close second. Now, homeowners are looking at the 3,000 square foot range as the maximum and around 2,400 feet as an average size home.

I hate the elevation design

Why Look at a House Floor Plan if I Hate the Elevation Design?

We have all heard the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, at some time or another. It can be used in reference to many things, but today we are going to apply it to house plans. You can look at two homes with the same floor plan, but each having distinctly different elevations can make you like one and not the other.

floor plan layout

Floor Plan Layout – The Importance of Design Consistency

With so many house plans available to view on the web and in print magazine, it’s easy to see why so many take a shot at designing a floor plan layout. There is nothing wrong with the idea. In fact, that’s how many of my clients come up with some of their ideas and home designs which are presented to me.

home orientation for passive solar

Home Orientation for Passive Solar

Many subdivisions and neighborhood developments are littered with homes built with the idea of maximizing land to building ratio. Most of these homes are likely to have the worst possible location and orientation to the sun’s blazing heat. By sheer luck, some homeowners will find their homes sitting at a near perfect position with respect to the sun’s travel.

making small home designs look big

Making Small Home Designs Look Big

Living in small home designs doesn’t mean it has to feel that way. It also doesn’t mean that the house has to look small either. I had a client to tell me that they wanted a ranch house, but wanted it to look like a two-story house. The statement was funny, but I understood what my client was trying to convey to me. Basically, the couple wanted the coziness of a one story home with the look and feel of a two-story home. So how do you go about doing it?

How much does it cost to build a house

How Much Does It Cost To Build A House?

Over the years of selling stock house plans online, I have been asked dozens of questions about different concerns prior to a client making a plan purchase. Some of these questions are straight forward and require simple answers to satisfy the customer.

home designer or architect

Home Designer or Architect – Who Best to Design My House?

Many have debated the notion of using a home designer and architect. It is a debate that may continue for as long as time exist. What isn’t in doubt is the fact that both professionals are capable of providing a home builder or private client with quality design services for new construction house plans or documents for a home remodel and renovation. However, there are things you will need to consider to determine which is right for you.

residential architectural styles

What Determines the Style Of A House and the Architecture?

What determines the style of a house and the architecture? Do you know the style of your home? Some of you will likely answer by saying your home is traditional. However, if you are asked what characteristics are associated with traditional design, your answer will differ from the next person […]